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Thursday, November 20, 2008

T-Mobile USA Joins Hands with Yahoo to Provide Searching Tools for the Phone Users

T-Mobile USA, fourth largest wireless telecommunications network in America, has recently joined hands with Yahoo in order to use Yahoo’s OneSearch as default search engine on its tools. T-Mobile USA is also looking to provide the mobile phone users with a better browsing experience and hassle-free navigation through a home page on the company’s phones. T-Mobile has termed these services Web2go.

Under this deal, Yahoo, one of the most popular web search engines, will provide sponsored search results. Through T-Mobile's Web2go service, Yahoo will also offer ads within the search results and the revenue earned through advertising will be shared between T-Mobile and Yahoo.

Advertising market in mobile phone is still in its early stage and with number of mobile phone users increasing, the market is also expanding. So, search engine companies are leaving no stone unturned to grab a chunk of share in this alluring market and Yahoo is no different here.

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