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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Will Arsenal Win Double Crown in 2008-09 Season?

Many Arsenal fans are now thinking about this question. There was a lot of criticism against Arsenal in the past that it was not a good team in Europe. In the last few seaosns, it has disappointed its fans even in English premier league too. Well, all of us know that Arsenal is passing through a rough time because of huge investment on the new Emirates stadium. Arsene Wenger is a wise man, he is not spending a lot of money, and as a result, Arsenal’s financial condition is now much healthier compared to most club in English premier league. In fact, Arsenal is now considered to be a success story when it comes to financial matters in all over Europe. Arsene Wenger could show everyone that even without star players or spending a huge amount of money on celebrity footballers it is possible to be among the best in Europe. This season, many people feel that the young players are becoming matured and may be this will be their season. Goal.com has carried out a survey about Arsenal’s prospect in 2008-09 season. A huge number of fans voted that Arsenal will win the double. Of course, there are skeptics too and they think that Arsenal may not even win a minor trophy in this season just like last season.

So, what do you think about Arsenal’s prospect in this season? Do you think that they will win in Europe or in premier league or both? I think that they may win any of them.


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