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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Theo Walcott Being Compared with Thierry Henry: Good or Bad?

It seems that everyone in England now has something to say about Theo Walcott. He is just 19 years old and has performed very well in the last one month both for his England national football team and for his club Arsenal. So, most people are now thinking that he will be the star of tomorrow both for his country and for his club. Many people are comapred him with Arsenal legend Thierry Henry. Thierry Henry is the highest goal scorer for Arsenal in their history. To many Arsenal fans, he is the greatest player for the club ever to play. Well, I agree with this matter because he was such an influential player he used to paly for Arsenal. Now, he is at Barcelona and he could not do well. So, there is rumor that he can come back to the London club.

To be honest with you, I see no reason to compare Theo Walcott with Thierry Henry. In fact, Theo Walcott has not scored a decent amount of goals yet. Yes, he scored a hat trick against Croatia and this was perhaps his best performance. On the other hand, Thierry Henry performed match after match for Arsenal for a number of years. So, I do not see any reason to compare Walcott at this moment with him. I think that it will bring bad result for Walcott. Of course, I really wish that Walcott can shine at the top level just like Henry. So, let us see how everything moves forward.



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