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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Arsenal Looking for The best Through Consistency

Last season, Arsenal players promised so much at the beginning and they disappointed everyone in the end. I think that the club was a bit unlucky because of two reasons. The injury of Eduardo and Van Persie had a very negetive efefct on the whole team. On the other hand, they were very unlucky to get out of Champions league from quarter final against Liverpool. In the match against Liverpool, they played well, but they could not finish it well. On the other hand, in premier league for most of the season they were very impressive. Towards the end, just the bad performance of two or three matches cost them the championship. This season, Arsenal is looking for consistency. Arsene Wenger is trying his best to motivate all the players. Of course, it is not easy. Well, I think that Arsene Wenger should hire some specialist psychiatrists so that the young players can get more motivation. I would also like Arsenal inviting some famous legends from the past Denis Bergkamp and Ian Wright, they should come and talk to the players, and they can give some valuable tips. The most important thing is that Arsenal needs to be consistent in this season.


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