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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Manchester City vs Liverpool 2008: Who will Win?

Today is 5 October and just after few hours, Liverpool will play against Manchester City. This should not have been a very important match in other seasons. However, this time, it has become a different matter. It is a match that has generated interest far beyond the supporters of the two clubs. This new found interest has happened basically for two reasons. In the last few seasons, Liverpool was not considered to be a serious title contender. However, this time, they are in the 2nd position in the point table. So, their matches draw attention to the supporters of other clubs too.

On the other hand, Manchester City has become the center of attention for many people because it was recently purchased by a new owner from the Middle East. The new owner has decided to pour a lot of money and make City a success story like Chelsea. So, they have Robinho. In fact, City has scored the highest number of goals in EPL in this season so far. So, it shows that they have some fire power at front. On the other hand, Liverpool is a formidable position and you should not neglect them in any way. 

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