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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

UEFA Champions League 2008-09 Starting Tonight

We are back again with UEFA Champions League. This week is going to be the beginning of UEFA Champions League 2008-09 Group Stage. 32 best teams from different European countries will for the most prestigious trophy in club football. You may argue that it is only limited to Europe but European clubs are the best in the world and have the top players from all over the world. Last season, it was all the English clubs who dominated. In fact, in the semi finals, 3 clubs were from England out of 4. The final was an all English affair and Manchester United defeated Chelsea just on penalties.

Now, English clubs are back in again to take the challenge of this season. Later tonight, Liverpool will travel France. Chelsea will play tonight too. Tomorrow, Arsenal will be in action and Manchester United too. So, let us see how these 4 English clubs do in UEFA Champions League 2008. If you want more information about tonight’s matches then visit these two entries:

Chelsea vs Bordeaux CL: Preview and Live Score

Olympique Marseille vs Liverpool CL 08-09: Preview and Live Score

What is your prediction regarding these two matches?

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