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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Andorra vs England 2008: Online Live Score

For live score of the match visit this entry:

Andorra vs England World Cup 2010 Qualifying: Live Score

Andorra vs England is going to take place only after 3 hours time. Well, the bad news is that you cannot watch the match live in most part of the world. It is outrageous that even in England, most people cannot enjoy the match as no terrestrial TV will broadcast it. So, for most people, the next best thing is connecting to the Internet and know the live score from different websites. Well, I am afraid of one thing. I just hope that in future, FIFA and others related to the management of football do not become too much greedy and even make Internet live score exclusive. I feel sympathetic to the people of England as they have to pay TV license for BBC and then they have to pay for Sky Sports too. Still, they cannot watch a match in which their country is playing! This is simply outrageous.

To be honest with you, I am happy to see that Andorra vs England Word Cup 2010 qualifying match will be available at least in internet in the form of live score. So, here I am giving some live score websites online that will give live updates of the match in real time.

Arsenal Blog: Andorra vs England World Cup 2010 Qualifying: Live Score

Live Score: Andorra ? -? England


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