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Monday, August 11, 2008

Former Player of Manchester United Youth Team Ben Collett to Receive Compensation for Career-ending Injury

Ben Collett, who broke his leg while representing Manchester United youth team in 2003 FA Youth Cup, will now receive more than 4.3 million pounds ($8.26 million) in compensation. London High Court provided this verdict on Monday. Ben Collett was severely tackled by Gary Smith of Middlesbrough youth team in the match. In fact, that was his first appearance for Manchester United reserve side. Ben could not yet shake off that injury and thus ended his career.

After going through all the procedures, the court decided to award this sum of money to Ben Collett as part of his past and future compensation. The insurer’s of Middlesbrough will pay the money. Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, was also present in a court hearing in Manchester to provide evidence on behalf of Ben Collett.

It is a praiseworthy decision taken by the London High Court. For any professional sports, it is very important to ensure financial help for the players in case of any such incidents in which career of a player may come to an end.

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