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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Olympics 2008 Knocking at the TV Channels

If you are looking for information about TV channels of Olympics 2008 then visit this entry:

Beijing Olympics 2008 list of TV Channels

Yes. I think that advertisers love Olympic Games more than the people. This is really a good time for TV Channels. Just a little more than a week are left before the start of Olympics 2008. It is known as 2008 Summer Olympics or Beijing 2008. We surely would love to cover this event in this blog. Well, if you have been with us long enough then I hope that you surely know that we love to cover sporting events. In 2008, we have given extensive coverage to Australian Open Tennis, French Open, Wimbledon 2008, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, FA Cup, League Cup and some cricket too. So, next for us is Olympics 2008.

If you are a football fan then don’t get disappointed either. English Football season is starting after just 2 weeks. And, we hope to cover English Premier League, FA Community Shield 2008 too in this August.

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