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Friday, July 25, 2008

Liverpool yet to Make a Deal for Gareth Barry with Aston Villa

Aston Villa midfielder, Gareth Barry’s likely move to Liverpool seems to be fading now. Liverpool is yet to formalize the deal for Barry as they have already found their four bids rejected for the English midfielder. Aston Villa is demanding £18 million, while Liverpool’s latest bid is reportedly £15 million. Villa manager Martin O'Neill has threatened Liverpool saying that they would not be at the behest of Liverpool on this issue as Villa needs to make their own plan for the next season.

Meanwhile, Liverpool is also focusing on Tottenham Hotspur striker Robbie Keane, for whom Liverpool might have to spend £18 million. If the deal comes into existence, then Barry’s move to Liverpool would become less likely a thing to happen. If Liverpool can sell their Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso for £16, the amount they are demanding, Liverpool will get some financial strength to move to come under a deal with Aston Villa for Gareth Barry. Barry has already expressed his wish to join Liverpool as to play in Champions League.

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