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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ferguson to Help Manchester United Find His Successor

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson will be involved in the look-up of his successor at Old Trafford. The club owner, Glazer family requested the manager to help the club find someone who will best suit to his position. Recently, the club executive David Gil has expressed that the club owners want to involve Ferguson in the process of finding the new coach of the club. Ferguson already declared that he would step down from the hot seat of Manchester United after two season- meaning at the end of 2010 season.

Mr. Gill has said that Ferguson knows the insight out of the club and that is why, they want Ferguson involve in the process of finding his successor at Manchester United. The club chief executive, Mr. Gill has also termed the manager as one of the key employees of the club and he thinks that the club would miss Ferguson if his view is not taken into consideration while deciding over the appointment of the new coach at the club. However, he has also ensured that the final decision will be taken by the Glazer family.

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