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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Russia vs Sweden Live Score and Updates

Russia (2) vs Sweden (0)

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93 minutes: Russian has won the match 2-0 and they reached the quarter final.

90 minutes: Three minutes of stoppage time added. Russia got another good chance

88 minutes: Arshavin missed an easy chance for Russia

86 minutes: Sweden is attacking, but goal is yet to come for Sweden

83 minutes: Puvlychenko missed an easy chance as he failed to take the shot properly getting goal keeper alone in the net

80 minutes: Sweden was lucky not to have conceded third goal, ball hit the goal bar

76 minutes: Sweden got a free kick, but poorly taken

73 minutes: Sweden got a good chance, Ibrahomovich header went to Russian goal keeper

70 minutes: Russia got a free kick, well taken, but went just off the goal bar

67 minutes: Russia had a good chance, but Arshavin could not control the ball and goal keeper save it for corner

63 minutes: Sweden is looking for a goal and attacking more now, but Russian defense looks better

60 minutes: Sweden had another good attack, but Russian defense was up to the mark.

57 Minutes: Sweden had a good attack. But still, Russia is dominating in the match

54 minutes: Sweden is on attack now

50 minutes: Arshavin scored for Russia. Now , Russia is leading by 2-0

49 minutes: Sweden had a good attack

47 minutes: half time started

Half Time has finished.

45 minutes: Russian goal keeper made a good save once again.

44 minutes: Sweden got a good chance, but Russian goal keeper saved it for corner

42 minutes: Russia is on attack now

40 minutes: Hansen got a good chance, but Russian keeper was ready

39 minutes: Russia is attacking more thanks to Arshavin and Puvlechenko

32 minutes: Russia on attack

29 minutes: Sweden on attack but Russian defense looked solid and a counter attack now from Russia

25 minutes: Russia has scored a goal and leading by 1-0

21 minutes: Russia again came close from Corner. Bad luck for them.

18 minutes: Russia attacked and came close.

10 minutes: Ibrahimovich got a good chance, but Russian goal keeper was up to the mark.

7 minutes:Some scary moment for Swedish defense

5 minutes: Russia had a corner, but nothing happened

2 minutes: Sweden had an attack, but Russian defense was better

0 Minute: The match has started just now.

Players are singing national anthem.

Russia vs Sweden match begins at 19:45 BST. The match is very important for both sides as both the teams are still active in the race of quarter final. Here, in this entry, you can get live score and updates of the match with live text commentary. Just refresh the page after every few minutes, when the match begins.

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