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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brazil vs Argentina Live Score and Updates: 2010 World Cup Qualification

For live score and updates of the world cup qualifying match between Argentina and Brazil, visit the following link:

Argentina and Brazil Match Live Updates: 5 September 2009

For detailed information of the 5 September 2009 match between Argentina and Brazil, visit this link:

Argentina vs Brazil Preview, Live Score: World Cup 2010 Qualifier

Brazil (0)----- Argentina (0)

The match has finished goalless. Thanks for being with us.

92 minutes: Argeinta missed the easiest chance of the match. Messis could not score.

90 minutes: 90 inutes have passed. It is still goalless. 2 more added minutes now.,

87 minutes: Freekick for Argentina from dangerous psoition

83 minutes: Good attack from Argentina but Argentina could not get anything

80 minutes: Freekick for Argentina

78 minutes: Corner kick for Brazil

75 minutes: Argentina atttacked and Brazil defense was upto the mark

73 minutes: Argentina on attack

70 minutes: FIrst a lovely run from Messi and then counter attack from brasil

68 minutes: Change of player for Argentina

65 minutes: Still no goal in the match

62 minutes: Freekick and then corner kick for Brazil

60 minutes: Best spell of the match for Argentina. Brazil has a freekick one Argentine player shown yellow card

56 minutes: Freekick for Argentina

53 minutes: Argentina is playing better now

50 minutes: Still no goal in the match

46 minutes: Second half has started just now. Argentina is on attack

First half has finished. Come back withina few minutes for second half updates

45 minutes: Argentina missed a very easy chance

43 minutes: Freekick for Brazil and now Argentina in counter attack

40 minutes: Argentina has a penalty from dangerous position.

37 minutes: Argentina on attack. Still no goal in the match

34 minutes: Change of player for Brasil

31 minutes: Argentina attacked but not a good one

28 minutes: brazil has a freekick

25 minutes: 25 minutes gone. Brazil got two easy chances but failed to get any goal

23 minutes: How could Brazil missed the goal. Good luck for Argentina

22 minutes: Lovely run from Argentina but Brazilian goalkeeper collected the ball

20 minutes: Yellow card shown to Brazilian number 4 and Argentina got a freekick from dangerous place

18 minutes: Good attack from Brazil

15 minutes: Counter attack from Argentina

12 minutes: Argentina has a freekick from dangerous position.

10 minutes: Score is 0-0

8 minutes: Good attack from Argentina.

6 minutes: Brazil has a corner.

4 minutes: Brazil has a freekick and one Argentine player shown yellow card

2 Corner: Brazil has a corner now and

1 minute: The match has started just now. Argentina has the first attack.

The players are now in the field and the match is at last starting now.

Brazilian players are now singing national anthem

The Argentine players are now singing national anthem.

The match will start very shortly within a few minutes.

We will give live score and updates as soon as the match starts.

Brazil and Argentina are facing each other in a high profile match of 2010 World Cup Qualification at the Estadio Mineirao stadium, Belo Horizonte in Brazil. In this entry, we will be giving online live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, if you are interested to get the online live score and updates of the match then be with us here in this post and enjoy the text commentary of the match. When the match begins, we will be giving the updates and you will need to refresh the page after every few minutes in order to get the updated score of the match.

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