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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spain vs Greece Live Score and Updates

Spain (2)---- Greece (1)

Final score: Spain has won the match by 2-1

90 minutes: Spain has a corner

88 minutes: SPain has scored the second goal this will be perhaps enough. Spain is now leading by 2-1

86 minutes: Spain is really trying and now a freekick

83 minutes: Bad luck for Spain. Two good attcks from them in last 3 minutes

80 minutes: Wil the match end in a draw?

77 mminutes: Spain on attack

73 minutes: Bad luck for Spain. They came veyr close of scoring the second goal. Just wide.

70 minutes: Greece got a freekick

67 minutes: Corner for Greece.

64 minutes: Greece came very close of scoring the second goal. bad luck for them

61 minutes: Spain has qualized and score is now 1-1

59 minutes: Change of player for Spain

56 minutes: IN the otehr match, Russia is leading Sweden by 2-0

53 minutes: ANother good attack from Greece

49 minutes: Greece looks a much better team in teh second half so far

46 minutes: Second half has started and Spain on attack.

45 minutes: First half has finsihed and Greece is leading by 1-0. Come back after few minutes for second half action.

44 minutes: Freekick for Spain

41 minutes: Can you belive that Greece has scored the first goal. It was a lovely header from a freekick. A lovely first goal for Greece in Euro 2008

40 minutes: Spanish fans wanted a penalty but referee not interested. D Guiza of SPain shown yellow card

37 minutes: Another Spanish freekick.

34 minutes: Greek player shown yellow card. SPain has a freekick .

32 minutes: IN the other match, Russia is now leading by 1-0. Spain on attack again and a long range shot was too wide

29 minutes: Freekick for Greece

25 minutes: ANother good attack from Spain.

21 minutes: Good attack from Spain but Greek goalkeeper was upto the mark

18 minutes: Spain again attacked.

15 minutes: Corner for Spain.

12 minutes: Freekick for Greece

8 minutes: It is just SPain now. Attack after attack.

4 minutes: Spain on atttack again. It seems that they are trying their best in this match fom the first

1 minutes: The match has started and Spain had a good attack but lost the chance

The match will start now within 1 minute. So, dont go anywhere if you want to know live score and updates.

In this post entry, we will be giving live score and updates of Spain vs Greece match. The match kicks off at 19:45 BST. So, be our guest and enjoy the live score and updates of the match with text commentary. When the match begins, you will need to refresh the page after every few minutes to get the updates score of the match.

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