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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Italy in Quarterfinals of Euro 2008 Defeating France

Italy (2)—France (0)

Netherlands (2)--- Romania (0)

It is breaking news. The match between Italy and France has just finished. Italy has won the match by and is now in the quarterfinal as the second position team from Group C of Euro 2008. It was an amazing win for Italy. In the first half Italy played very well and they got the breakthrough in the 25th minute from a penalty. Pirlo scored from the panlty spot for Italy. Then Italy got a number of chances.

For France, the first half was like a nightmare. First, Ribery was injured and had to go out of the field. Nasri came in palce of him. Not only France conceded a penalty but also they lost a player because of red card. It was a double blow for France. France failed to create good opportunities. A lot of credit goes to Italian defense. They worked very hard and kept France striker Henry out of the danger zone for most of the time.

France played a bit better in the second half. They looked more confident and had more attacks. However, Italy scored the second goal in 62 minutes. This goal sealed the fate of the match and ensured that Italy would go to the quarterfinals of Euro 2008.

In the other match, Netherlands won against Romania by 2-0. It made the work of Italian players easy.

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