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Friday, May 23, 2008

Serena Williams not to Follow Henin to Go into Retirement

You already know that the unexpected retirement of Justine Henin came as a shock to all in the tennis world. She is still 25 and was in her prime form at the top of the WTA ranking. Fans, players, pundits, legends all have been moved by Henin’s announcement of retirement from tennis. Serena Williams was of no difference, but world no. 5 is confident that she is not going to follow Justine Henin because Serena thinks she still find love for Tennis and always awaits for the next grand slam tournament in the schedule. She reveals that she never overplays, so there is no reason she could fall out of love with tennis. It is definitely good new for the fans of Serena Williams.

She is now going to take part in French Open 2008. She also revealed that she always loves Paris and recalled her match against Jennifer Capriati in 2002 semi final which she terms as a big step in her career.

AFP reported:

"I have never overplayed," said Williams, who made her debut here in 1998. "But I still have had a fabulous career.

"It's tough on the tour. You have to play so many events or you get fined. It's not easy to stay fit and healthy. Mentally you can just drop. So I have had my own schedule and I do my own thing.

"I still enjoy the game and now I find that I can't wait for Wimbledon and I can't wait for the US Open and the Australian Open. I feel like I want to keep coming here for many years to come."

"Now I have had the best preparation I've had since 2002. I feel like I have played so many claycourt tournaments. I feel like I'm a claycourt player. I'm comfortable out there which is great."

Can you sense anything from her last few lines, “I feel like I'm a claycourt player.” Don’t you think that it seems to be a threat for others who are eyeing on French Open 2008 title at this moment?

Well, I think, Serena Williams is not more confidence of wining her second French Open title this time with Henin got out of the way. However, Serena should not forget that still there are players like Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic who may have less experience than Serena, but when it comes to skill and talent, you can not put them behind Serena Williams.

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