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Friday, May 02, 2008

IPL Cheerleaders Asked to Appear Well Covered in the Stadiums

If you are a cricket fans and have an eye on ongoing Indian Premier League, then you must have seen the cheerleader, a group of girls wearing short dresses and dancing throughout the matches. IPL matches are now popular, but the cheerleaders have caused lots of protests and criticisms. There are number of cheer girls from different countries including a team of NFL side Washington Redskins. However, their skimpy outfits have created lots of criticisms from different political parties as well as from professionals of other fields. Even a legislator of Indian parliament has raised the issue on a parliament session called for ban on the cheerleaders. West Bengal sports minister Subhas Chakraborty criticized the cheerleaders and their provocative actions on the cricket field.

Now, having seen such public rage and anger, the IPL authority and team owners are paying attention on the issue. Now, the cheerleaders have been asked to wear the well covered dresses.

Times Online reported:

Tonight, another group was obliged to tone down its act in the eastern city of Calcutta in response to further protests from an unlikely alliance of Hindu nationalists and left wing politicians - usually arch enemies.

With several groups threatening to stage further protests inside Calcutta’s Eden Gardens stadium, the debate has even reached parliament, where a Shiv Sena legislator called for a ban on the cheerleaders on Monday.

“They bring obscenity to the game of cricket which is watched by all members of a family,” Sanjay Raut told the upper house.

Indian culture does not go with this kind of dresses that the cheer girls are seen wearing. So, it is expected that the cheer leaders will definitely cover up their body parts while performing on the stadiums. Even the IPL teams can arrange entertainment for the fans through local artists and performers who will perform local songs or dances.

Personally, I do not think that cheer girls are essential for cricket. The Twenty20 format of cricket is enough to provide entertainment for the people. The big hits and fast paced matches are no less interested than the performances of those cheerleaders.

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