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Friday, May 02, 2008

EPL Attracting Star Footballers in the Aftermath of Europe Success of English Clubs

You already know that two English clubs: Chelsea and Manchester United- are now in the final of UEFA Champions League- making it an all English final for the first time in the history of this tournament. It is clear that the title of Champions League is coming England this season. This year, three out of four semi finalists of Champions league were English clubs. So, it would not be wrong to say that English clubs dominated Europe this season. In fact, English clubs have been doing well for the last few seasons with Liverpool winning the title in 2005 and reaching the final of last season.

Now, having seen the domination of English clubs, the players from different countries are now interested to play in English premier league. Well, I do not mean that, EPL was not attractive few seasons ago. In fact, EPL is one of the most popular football leagues in the world and some of its teams have worldwide fan base.

So, it seems that the domination of English clubs in Champions League has attracted the players from different countries. Recently, Italian midfielder Gennaro Gattuso has revealed his interest to play in English premier league. He is currently playing for Italian club AC Milan. AC Milan was not at their good form this season with no notable success this season. So, it is very tough to say if AC Milan’s unimpressive run has made him interested to come to England and play in EPL.

Sky Sports reported:

"I would like to have the chance to play in the Premier League because I think that I have the characteristics to play there," Gattuso told Sky Italia.

"It is my dream and I have never denied that. When I leave Milan I will only wear the shirt of a foreign side. But Spain would be hard because it isn't a League that suits the way I play.

There are some other stars who could more to EPL next season. Brazilian full back Gilberto has indicated that fellow Brazilians Ronaldinho and Kaka could come to England. Both Ronaldinho and Kaka are some of the top stars of football world at this moment. So, I think, there is a strong possibility that English fans could get to see some more world stars in England next season. EPL has now become more lucrative a destination for the star footballers.

The Press Association reported:

The presence of Manchester United and Chelsea in the Champions League final has shown the strength of the English top flight and the 32-year-old defender confirmed that the league has been a hot topic of discussion by members of Dunga's squad when they have met up.

So, it is definitely a positive side for English premier league. The dominance English clubs has become clearer this season with the presence of three English clubs in the semi final stage. The title race of English premier league this season has also been very competitive. Still, it is impossible to say who are going to win the title, Manchester United or Chelsea. Even a few weeks ago there were Arsenal was also in the title race. So, EPL title race of this season was not one-sided at all. In contrast to EPL, the other two most popular European leagues: Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A were rather one sided race. Real Madrid is way ahead of its closest Villereal in the league point table and it is almost certain that Real Madrid is going to win the title of Spanish La Liga this season. In Italy, Inter Milan is dominating and at one point it seemed that Inter Milan was going to win the title even with a number of rounds left at hand. However, Roma and Juventus have created some competition of late in the league. However, still Inter Milan has a six points lead at the top of Serie A point table.

At last, I would like to say that English clubs were impressive this season in both in England and Europe. So, it is natural that players will be interested to play in English Premier League next season. Now, it is yet to see if English clubs can continue their success next season or if Spanish and Italian clubs bounce back next season. Whatever it is, at this moment premier league clubs are dominating Europe.

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