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Friday, May 16, 2008

Chelsea’s Claude Makelele Called on Teammates to Earn Worldwide Respect by Winning Champions League

As the day of the final match of Champions League is approaching, fans of both Chelsea and Manchester United are getting more and more excited. Lots of football crazy British fans will travel to Moscow to attend the Champions league final which sports two English clubs for the first time.

Ahead of the final match, Chelsea’s French midfielder Claude Makelele has recently called on his teammates to achieve the worldwide respect by winning the Champions League title. To him, winning the title of Champions League means, winning the respect from all the clubs of Europe. Makelele has past experience of winning Champions League with his former club Real Madrid. From his own experience, he said that after winning the Champion League title, Real Madrid had earned more respect and credit as a team.

UK Press reported:

He said: "To win this competition would give Chelsea a lot of credit throughout Europe because then all the teams on the continent would respect us more."

He added: "It is a symbol of a big team throughout Europe and the world and it is a good sensation for a player.

"Then Real Madrid were the best team in the world

"They knew that they would lose but they might lose by four or maybe six goals. It would be good to see Chelsea have this power.

"It is difficult winning it but it would be so good for the players as well as the club."

Well, Claude Makelele needs to be at his best during the match to help Chelsea winning their first Champions League title. In fact, this is the first time Chelsea reached Champions League final this year. Claude Makelele will also try his best to experience another Champions League title. However, the task will not be easy as he has to face some of the best defenders and midfielders in the match. Now, let us see if Chelsea can win worldwide respect by clinching their first ever title in Champions League.

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