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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Review of a Rugby Blog

Though I am not in a country where rugby is a popular sport, I have interest about this sport. So, often I try to read about rugby in the net. Today, while browsing I came across a blog based on Rugby of Welsh. Titled ‘Regional Rugby’, the blog has a caption that read ‘A Sideways Look At Welsh Rugby.’ So, at the first look, anyone will think it a site based on the rugby of Welsh. However, after going to some articles, I think, the blog writer/s more or less covers the news of British rugby. The URL of the blog is: http://regionalrugby.blogspot.com/. The blog seems to be new as its archive suggests that the blog started it journey in May 2008.

Well, to be honest, I found two things positive about this blog. Most of the articles are informative, and the blog is updated three to fours times a day. It is defiantly a good side for a new blog. However, I did not find any information about the blogger/s. The blog includes some analytical articles too.

I think, it is a good initiative taken by the enthusiast blogger to create a blog that is primarily focused on Welsh rugby. However, I think, the bloggers of the blog should update the blog more so that its readers could enjoy more articles, news and stories about Welsh rugby. Rugby is a popular sport in Welsh and it has a lot of fans in the country. So, if the blog could go on well, then Welsh rugby fans will definitely enjoy it. The blog does not have so many articles yet in its archive. However, once they have many articles, I think, the blogger/s of the blog would make list of tags or labels as per the labels or tag attached with each articles. This way, the readers will have better view to the blog. I hope, writer/s of the blog will continue their job and make it a successful blog for Welsh rugby.

1 comment:

  1. Cheers for that!

    I do have plans for more indepth analysis and commentry on the state of the game. Also had thought about how to organise the articles tag wise.

    You certainly picked up on how much we all love rugby over here, will work on putting together a better 'about me' section.

    As I said, thanks for that