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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chelsea vs Manchester United: Roman Abramovich vs Glazers?

There are only three days left before Chelsea and Manchester United face each other in the final match of Champions League. You do not need to be a football analysis to understand the significance of the match and the guile among the players to win the title. High profile, mind blowing, nail beating whatever you call, Chelsea vs Manchester United match is alluring the football fans around the world.

Well, there seems to be another match within the match and that is between the club owners of these two English clubs. Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich will definitely find it the biggest occasion ever to celebrate his club’s success as the match is going to take place in the home country of Roman Abramovich. Chelsea did never reach the final of Champions League before. So, the Moscow final of 21 May has already brought a celebrating occasion for Chelsea, its fans and Roman Abramovich.

It is also a big occasion for Manchester United owners, Glazer family. Manchester United won Champions League title in 1999, which was their second title of Champions League. With Manchester United clinching the league title just a week ago, its fans, players as well as owners will also have high expectation from the Red Devils ahead of the final showdown with Chelsea in Moscow. However, even Ferguson and his players know it very well that the task would not be so easy because Manchester United has a bitter recent performance against Chelsea in premier league. However, the players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney will, for sure, not leave any stone unturned to win Champions League title for the first time in their career. That is where I find the biggest worry for Chelsea.

Well, whoever wins it, be it Abramovich or Glazer, fans are expecting an exciting match in Moscow. Chelsea and Manchester United are playing very good and have a long squad to choose the starting line up. So, you can expect something special from the match; even if you can not find anything special, still, you can experience the first all English Champions League final this week. Do you really afford to miss the chance? Decide yourself.

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