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Monday, April 14, 2008

Top Ten Goal Scorers of 2007-08: English Premier League

There are just four matches left in English premier League and within a few weeks, English premier league will finish for season 2007-08. It is perhaps time to look at the top scorers of English premier league in this season. You may argue that the season has not changed and it is a bit early to write about the top ten scorers. I agree with you but at the same time I think that the top place in the goal scorer will not change and if there is any dramatic change in the next few weeks then I will update this article so that it will remain up to dated. Here is something about the top ten scorers of English premier league 2007-08.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United is at the top of English premier league and most probably Manchester United is going to win the champions trophy of this season. The person who has most contribution for this is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is only 23 years old but he has become the top player for Manchester United and he is also an influential player for national team of Portugal. In this season, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored until now 28 goals in English premier league. He has also scored three goals in FA Cup and seven goals in Europe. So, until now Ronaldo has scored 38 goals altogether and 28 of them came in English premier league. He has still some matches left and I will not be shocked it if he can score 45 goals in all competitions this season.

Fernando Torres

The next man after Cristiano Ronaldo is from Liverpool and his name is Fernando Torres. Torres has scored 22 goals until now in English premier league. He has also scored five goals in Europe and his total goals for Liverpool this season is now 30. Fernando Torres is from Spain and he is in superb form for Liverpool in this season. Liverpool fans are now hopeful that the club may go all the way in Champions League match and they are putting a lot of faith in Fernando Torres. Torres is just 24 years old and he has still the best years ahead of him. He has joined Liverpool in this season and it is his debut season in English premier league. So, it is amazing to see that Torres could score so many goals in the first season that he is playing in English premier league. Now, the Spanish supporters will pray that Torres can also become an influential player for the national team.

Emmanuel Adebayor

In the top scorers’ list in the third position is the striker of Arsenal and I guess most of you will be able to tell his name and he is Emmanuel Adebayor. He is also a young player and he is just 24 years old. He is from Togo. He is a striker for Arsenal and this year he is in explosive form for Arsenal. In English premier league, he has scored until now 20 goals for his club. He has been also successful in Europe with three goals and FA Cup with 2 goals. His total goal tally is 25. He is a bit unlucky because his striking partner Eduardo got injured and his another striking partner Van Persie was also injured for most of the time. So, he had to take a lot of responsibility for the club and he was always under pressure to score goals in a consistent level. This kind of pressure is not good for any players and Adebayor lost some track in the last few matches and could not score as many goals as Arsenal fans wished for.

Roque Santa Cruz

Do you know who is Roque Santa Cruz? He is the striker of Blackburn Rovers. At this moment Blackburn is at the ninth position and Blackburn does not have any hope making into qualifying for Europe for next season but that is not a problem for Roque Santa Cruz. He is determined to do the best for his club. So far Santa Cruz has scored 15 goals in premier league this season. He has scored nineteen goals for his club in total. Santa Cruz also lacked a good striking partner and good support from midfield of Blackburn.

Dimitar Berbatov

Tottenham Hotspur started the season with a lot of hope but could not continue well in the middle and at this moment Tottenham is in the 11th position in the league table. So, Tottenham has no hope for qualifying for Europe in next season and Tottenham fans against felt frustrated and are perhaps very unhappy. The only good thing they can enjoy at this moment is that there are two strikers are in descent form when it comes to goal scoring in English premier league. In the fifth position is Dimitar Berbatov of Tottenham. He has scored 14 goals in English premier league this season and Berbatov has also scored five goals in Europe and two goals in FA Cup. Thus, his total tally for the club this season is 22 goals.

Robbie Keane

After Berbatov in the sixth or I should say joint fifth position is another Tottenham striker Keane. Keane ha scored the same number of goals. He has scored 14 goals in English premier league and four goals in Europe and total number of goals is 22 just like Berbatov. Keane is also in good form and he could threaten a lot in some big matches. However, he is unlucky this season because Tottenham could not do well in any of the competition except League cup.


Next is Benjani of Manchester City. Manchester City also started the season with a lot of promise but failed in the midway. Manchester City is now in the eighth position in the table and has no hope of qualifying for Europe for next season. For the club, Benjani scored thirteen goals so far. Benjani is from Zimbabwe and he has joined the club very recently. Benjani is also the captain of Zimbabwe national team. He is very popular in his home country.


Next is Yakubu of Everton. Yakubu is in seventh position or I should say in the joint sixth position with Benjani. Yakubu has also scored 13 goals and his goals helped Everton a lot. Everton is at this moment at the fifth position and Everton fans hopeful that their team can qualify for Europe next season. If Everton can qualify in Europe next season then many fans would be happy with Yakubu.

Jermain Defoe

At no. 9 is Defoe of Portsmouth. Defoe is a very attractive player in English premier league. Defoe has scored 12 goals in this season in premier league. He will have some more hopefully.

Carlos Tévez

At the tenth position is a player that very few people expected him to be there. He is Tevez of Manchester United. Tevez is a player of Argentine national team and he is considered to be one of the best strikers of this time in world football. However, Tevez could score only 12 goals in premier league and his total number is 17 in all competition for Manchester United. Tevez has been outshined by Cristiano Ronaldo but he should be happy to see that he could score as many goals as Rooney this season.

So, who is your favorite player in the list any why?

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