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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shahid Afridi in Indian Premier League (IPL) 2008

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Shahid Afridi is a unique player. He is very famous for scoring quick runs and he has highest strike rate in ODI cricket. In fact, he has strike rate of 109.38 in ODI cricket that means that for facing 100 balls he has scored 109.38 runs. Shahid Afridi is a natural player who just loves to go after bowlers of any country. If he is in form then he can single handedly win the match for his team. It has happened in a number of times until now. Shahid Afridi’s style is really ideal for Twenty20 cricket. In ODI cricket, he has scored many runs. Now, it is perhaps time that Shahid Afridi can show us that he is equally strong in Twenty20 cricket.

Shahid Afridi is playing for Deccan Chargers and he will have Adam Gilchrist with him. You know that Adam Gilchrist is also an explosive batsman and fans will really enjoy them seeing together in Indian Premier League (IPL) 2008.

Pakistani cricket fans are crazy for Shahid Afridi and many Pakistani people will surely support Deccan Chargers just for Afridi.

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  1. Anonymous5:12 AM

    we are waiting for his SIXES in the IPL.
    and i love to see BOOM BOOM Afridi on
    the picth