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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mumbai Indians vs Bangalore Royal Challengers: Live Score and Updates

Bangalore Royla Challengers has won the match by 5 wicekts.

Bangalore Royal Challengers (BRC) Innings

19.4 overs: BRC is 166/5 Bangalore Royal Challengers has won the match as Akhil took the winning run

19.3 overs: BRC is 165/5

19.2 overs: BRC is 165/5 The score is labelled

19.1 overs: BRC is 164/5

19 overs: BRC is 163/5 BRC needs three runs from six balls

18.4 overs: BRC is 161/5 Kallis is gone. Harbhajan took his second wicekt.

18.2 overs: BRC is 160/4 Boundary from Boucher

18 overs: BRC is 155/4 18 runs came in this over.

17.4 overs: BRC is 145/4

17.3 overs: BRC is 144/4

17.1 overs: BRC is 142/4 HUGE SIX from Kallis

17 overs: BRC is 136/4 BRC needs 30 runs from 18 balls to win the match

16.2 overs: BRC is 133/4

16 overs: BRC is 126/4 Pollock conceded 8 runs in this over

15.2 overs: BRC is 123/4 Bowling change again. Shaun Pollock has come to bowl his third over. Boucher now hit a boundary off Pollock. Just imagine the scene!

15 overs: BRC is 118/4 Harbhajan Singh conceded 9 runs in this over

14.4 overs: BRC is 116/4

14.2 overs: BRC is 111/4 Harbhajan brings himself back

14 overs: BRC is 109/4 Two South African are there to take BRC to the goal. Harbhajan seems to be pretty smart as captain with his bowling changes working well

13.4 overs: BRC is 107/4 Mark Boucher joins countrymen Kallis

13.3 overs: BRC is 106/4 Here, comes a break through for Mumbai Indians. Nehra took the wicket of dangerman Kohil

13 overs: BRC is 104/3 Both the teams are still in the match and any team can win the match

12.4 overs: BRC is 102/3 two back to back boundaries from Kohil

12.2 overs: BRC is 98/3 Harbhajan Singh brought Nayar into the attack

12 overs: BRC is 94/3 Kohil is now on fire. BRC needs 72 runs more to win the match from 48 balls

11.3 overs: BRC is 86/3

11 overs: BRC is 80/3 Harbhajan conceded only four runs in this over (much better than his first over (15 urns)

10.4 overs: BRC is 78/3 Kohil has joined Kallis in the wicekt

10 overs: BRC is 76/3 Jayasuria took the important wicket of Roos Taylor, who scored 23 off 12 balls

9.2 overs: BRC is 75/2 Kallis and Taylor are batting now

9 overs: BRC is 69/2 Harbhajan conceded 15 runs but took a crucial wicket

8.5 overs: BRC is 68/2 Dravid is gone as Mumbai captain Harbhajan Singh took his first wicekt

8.4 overs: BRC is 68/1

8.2 overs: BRC is 66/1 Once again! Another SIX.

8.1 overs: BRC is 60/1 Huge Six in the first ball of the over

8 Overs: BRC is 54/1 Sanath Jayasuria conceded eight runs in his first over

7.2 overs: BRC is 49/1

7 overs: BRC is 46/1 Asking run rate is increasing for BRC

6.3 overs: BRC is 45/1

6 overs: BRC is 40/1 Pollock projected another economical over for Mumbai

5.2 overs: BRC is 38/1 Taylor joined Dravid in the wicket.

5 overs: BRC is 37/1 Kulkarni took the first wicekt for Mumbai Indians as Chanderpaul fell for 16

4.3 overs: BRC is 36/0 Dhawal Kulkarni is bowling this over

4.2 overs: BRC is 32/0 Dravid hit a boundary

4 overs: BRC is 27/0 Another good over from Shaun Pollock as five runs conceded in this over

3.4 overs: BRC is 25/0

3.2 overs: BRC is 23/0

3 overs: BRC is 22/0 Dravid hit two boundareis this over. The Captain makes a steady start

2.4 overs: BRC is 17/0

2.2 overs: BRC is 15/0 Ashish Nehra is bowling this over

2 overs: BRC is 11/0 Pollock conceded only 1 run in this over

1.4 overs: BRC is 10/0 Pollock is bowling well

1.2 overs: BRC is 10/0 Pollock is bowling this over.

1 over: BRC is 10/o Chanderpaul and Dravid are batting now

o.3 over: BRC is 1/0

Dear readers, Mumbai Indians scored 165 and threw a challenging target of 166 runs to the visiting side Bangalore Royal Challengers. Will they be able to chase it successfully? We will know when the game resumes. Till then, be with us and enjoy the match. We will take you through the Bangalore Royal Innings.

Mumbai Indians Innings (MI)

20 Overs: MI is 165/6 Pollock got out in the last ball of the innings

19.2 overs: MI is 159/5 Zaheer Khan is blowiling this over

19 overs: MI is 158/5 MI lost the wicket of AM Nayar who scored 21

18.3 overs: MI is 151/2

18 overs: MI is 149/4 MI took 20 runs in this over

17.3 overs: MI is 138/4

17 overs: MI is 129/4 Where do you think MI innings will stop? 150-160?

16.5 Overs: MI is 125/4 Uthappa fell two runs shy off half centruy

16.4 overs: MI is 125/3

16.2 overs: MI is 120/3

16 overs: MI is 118/3 Another expensive over from Kallis as 13 runs came from it.

15.4 overs: MI is 109/3

15.2 overs: MI is 107/3 Kallis is doing his third over

15 Overs: MI is 105/3 Uthappa got a life this over as his catch was dropped

14.2 overs: MI is 101/3 AM Nayar and Robin Uthappa are now batting

14 Overs: MI is 99/2

13.4 Overs: MI is 97/3 MI lost another wicekt as Shah gone for 19

13.2 overs: MI is 97/2

13 Overs: MI is 97/2 Joshi conceded only three runs in this over

12.2 overs: MI is 95/2 Sunil Joshi is now bowling

12 overs: MI is 94/2 Uthappa is now rocking with his bat

11.4 overs: MI is 84/2

11 overs: MI is 81/2

10.3 overs: Mi is 81/2

10 overs: MI is 74/2 Only two runs conceded in this over

9.4 overs: MI is 73/2 Vinay Kumar is bowling very well

9.2 overs: MI is 73/2

9 overs: MI is 72/2 Another expensive over from Kallis

8.4 overs: MI is 67/2 Uthappa hit a boundary

8.1 overs: MI is 61/2 Kallis is bowling his second over

8 overs: MI is 60/2

7.3 overs: MI is 57/2

7.1 overs: MI is 54/2

6.2 overs: MI is 48/2 Shah and Uthappa are now batting

6 overs: MI is 47/2

5.4 overss: MI is 46/2 Jayasuria is gone for 29 off 16

5.3 overs: MI is 46/1

5 Overs: Mi is 42/1 Jayasirua showed some of his big hits this over, hitting three 4s and a 6 this over. Kallis looked helpless

4.2 overs: MI is 31/1 Jayasuria is now on fire, he hit two consecutive boundaries

4 overs: MI is 22/1

3.4 overs: MI is 20/1 Thornley got retired hurt

3.3 Overs: MI is 20/1

3 Overs: MI is 19/1

2 Overs: MI is 13/1. MI has lost the first wicket in this over.

1 Overs: MI is 8/0

0.1 Overs: The first ball bowled and MI is 0/0

Mumbi Indians won the toss and decided to bat first.

The match between Mumbai Indians and Bangalore Royal Challengers is going to kick off within few minutes. Here, in this post we will be giving live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, be with us and enjoy the match.

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