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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Deccan Chargers: Live Score and Updates

If you want to get the online live score and updates of the Mumbai Indians vs Bangalore Royal Challengers match then visit the following links:

Mumbai Indians vs Bangalore Royal Challengers: Live Score and Updates

Kolkata Knight Riders won the match by fiv wicekts. Dear readers we are going to provide live score and updates of the next match between Mumbai Indians and Bangalore Royal Challengers in this blog. So, you can enjoy that match with us in this blog.

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Innings (Target: 111 runs)

19 overs: KKR is 112/ 5

18.4 overs: KKR is 105/5 Just 6 runs neededd from 8 balls

18.2 overs: KKR is 104/5

18 overs: KKR is 103/5 Dear reaers, there was problem in floodlight in the stadium

14 overs:
KRR is 77/4
13 Overs: KKR is 68/4. KKR lost 4th wicket and Sourav ganguly is gone
12 Overs: KKR is 64/3
11 Overs:
KRR is 49/3
9.3 overs: KKR is 38/3

9 overs: KKR is 35/3

8.2 overs: KKR is 34/3 Asking run rate is increasing for KKR

7.3 overs: KKR is 34/3

7 overs: KKR is 33/3

6.3 overs: KKR is 26/3 Now, it seems the presure is on KKR

6 overs: KKR is 26/3 Scott Styris bowled a good over conceding only three runs

5.3 overs: KKR is 24/3

5 overs: KKR is 23/3 David Hussey and Sourav Ganguly are now batting

4.2 overs: KKR is 21/3 Saha becomes the second victim of Chaminda Vaas

4 overs: KKR is 21/2 RP Singh and Vaas are bowling well for Deccan Chargers

3 overs: KKR is 18/2 Sourav Ganguly has come to the wicket

2.1 overs: KKR is 16/2 Ricky Ponting got out for a DUCK

2 overs: KKR is 16/1 Ponting has come to the wicekt.

1.2 overs: KKR is 6/1
BB McCullum got out for 5. What a big wicekt for Deccan Chargers

1 over KKR is 6/0

0.4 over: KKR is 2/0

So, dear readers, Deccan Chargers put on only 110 runs onthe scoreboard. Is it enough a score to defend against Kolkata Knight Riders? We will find the answer when Kolkata stars their innings. So, be with us and enjoy the match.

Deccan Chargers (DC) Innings

18.4 Overs: DC is all out for 110

18.3 Overs: DC is 110/9 Sanjay Bangar has gone back to the pavillion for 14

18 Overs: DC is 105/8 Two wicekts fell this over

17.4 Overs: DC is 104/7 Symonds got out for 32 off 39 balls

17 Overs: DC is 102/6 Sanjay Bangar and Andrew Symonds both are now on fire.

16 Overs: DC is 81/6

15.3 Overs: DC is 78/6

15 overs: DC is 77/6 Symonds and bangar are batting now

14.3 overs: DC is 71/6 Yadav got out for 10

13 Overs: DC is 62/5

12 Overs: DC is 59/5 Scott Styris got out

11 Overs: DC is 57/4

9 Overs: DC is 47/4 Two wicks fell this over

8 Overs: DC is 47/2. 2 runs from the over bowled by Hafeez

7 Overs: DC is 45/2. 6 runs came from teh over

6 Overs: DC is 39/2. This over brought 16 runs for DC

5 Overs: DC is 23/2. DC has lost second wicket as Laxman fell for a DUCK

4.2 Overs: DC is 22/1 Gilchrist and Laxman are batting now

3.1 Overs: DC is 21/1. DC lost first wicket as Venugopal Rao fell for 14

2 Overs: DC is 14/0

1 Over: DC is 9/0 Ashok Dinda bowled the first over for Kolkata side

0.2 Overs: DC is 4/0 Venugopal Rao and Adam Gilchrist have come to open for DC

Deccan Chargers won the toss and decided to bat first

Within half an hour the much awaited IPL match between Kolkata’s Kolkata Knight Riders and Hyderabad’s Deccan Chargers is going to start. Here, in this post we will be giving live score and updates of the match with text commentary. So, if you are interested about the match then stay with us and enjoy live score and updates Kolkata Knight Riders vs Deccan Chargers. What you need to do is to refresh the page after every few minutes to know the latest score of the match

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