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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chelsea vs Manchester United: Live Score and Updates

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Chelsea vs Manchester United Champions League: Live Score and Update

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Chelsea (2)---- Manchester United (1)

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Final Score: Chelsea has won the match by 2-1

95 minutes: Chelsea on attack. The match has finsihed and Chelsea has won 2-1

94 minutes: Corner for Chelsea. just one minte left

93 minutes: Chelsea on attack and man Utd is trying for counter attack but now Chelsea again on attack

91 minutes; Chelsea again somehow survived. The ball was cleared off the line by Shevchenko. The players of two sides are excited and two Man Utd players got yellow card.

90 minutes: 90 minutes have finished. And 5 added minutes in the mach left. Man Utd has a freekick now.

89 minutes: Bad luck for Man Utd. The shot of Ronaldo was cleared off the line by A Cole.

88 minutes: Man Utd is on attack but easily collected by CHelsea goalkeeper.

86 minutes: Michel Balack has taken the penalty and he scored. Chelsea is now leading 2-1. Balack has scored both goals for Chelsea

84 minutes: Chelsea has a penalty now becuase of handball.

82 minutes: Drogba missed anotehr chance

80 minutes: Change of player for Chelsea. Shevchenko has come in teh field. Can he do teh magic?

78 minutes: Freekick for Man Utd. Nicely taken and nicely collected by Chelsea goalkeeper

75 minutes: ANother attack from Chelsea but weak shot in the end

72 minutes: Chelsea has a freekick from the edge of Penalty box. Good save from Man Utd goalkeeper

70 minutes: Chelsea has a corner now

68 minutes: Man Utd got a freekick but easily collected by Chelsea goalkeeper.

66 minutes: Now ANelka has come in the field for Chelsea.

65 minutes: ANother change of player for Man Utd. O'Shea comes in place of Anderson

64 minutes: Change of palyer for Man Utd. Ronaldo has come in place of Rooney

63 minutes: Lovely long distance shot from Ryan Giggs. Chelsea goalkeeper could somehow save it for a corner.

60 minutes: Freekick for Chelsea from the edge of Penalty box. Michel balack took it badly.

58 minutes: CHelsea has a corner now.

55 minutes: Rooney has scored for Manchester United out of no where. Hardly anyone noticed how he scored it so fast. It was indeed out of no where. So, teh score is 1-1

54 minutes: COrner for Man Utd. Man Utd is playing much better in the second half. Corner cleared by Chelsea players and CHelsea on a counter attack now. And Man Utd now on a counter attack

52 minutes: Freekick for Chelsea. Brown of Man Utd shown yellow card.

49 minutes: Man Utd on the attack

46 minutes: Second half has started. Be with us for live updates. Chelsea is on attack. Ronaldo is getting ready. May be he will come in the some later

Second half starting now withing 30 seconds

First half has finished. Come back for second half action within a few minute. don't forget to subscribe to the feed of the blog. Read some other entries of this blog in the meantime.

45 minutes: Chelsea goal has come at last from the head of Michael Balack. Chelsea is now leading 1-0.

44 minutes: Freekick for Chelsea and then counter attack from Man Utd

42 minutes: Manchester got a freekick from dangerou position but poor header in the end.

40 minutes: Man Utd is trying to attack but cleared by Chelsea defense and counter attack from Chelsea. Now, Manchester United has a freekick

37 minutes: Chelsea has a freekick now but cleared by Man Utd defense.

35 MInutes: Chelsea again on attack but this time a fowl and Man Utd has a freekick from their own half

32 minutes: A rare attack from Man Uted but offside

30 minutes: Freekick for Chelsea and another good attack.

28 minutes: COrner for Chelsea.

26 minutes: ANother miss for Chelsea. Lovely run from Joe Cole but could not score in teh end.

24 minutes: Another lovely attacik from Chelsea. The cross pass of Drogba had no player to convert. CHelsea has a corner now.

21 minutes: bad luck for Chelsea. Shot of Joe Cole hit the goalpost and Chelsea did not get the first goal. Really bad luck.

20 minutes: Freekick for Manchester United but easily collected by Chelsea goalkeeper.

17 minutes: Chelsea is playing very well. 2 attacks from Chelsea in two minutes

15 MInutes: Lovely counter attack from man Utd.

13 minutes: Chelsea again attacked and Chelsea fans shouted for a penalty. Chelsea has again a corner

11 minutes: COrner for Chelsea bbut poorly taken

8 minutes: Manchester United attacked.

5 minutes: Freekick for Manchester United. Chelsea has totally dominated the first 5 minutes in the match so far.

2 minutes: Chelsea missed perhaps a very easy chance. THe shot of Essin was weak.

1 minute: First attack from Chelsea. The fans were happy.

The match is going to start soon. SO, be with us and read some other entries from this blog.

The match will start after few minutes. Be with us for live score and updates.


  1. Anonymous5:22 AM

    youre a chelsea fan?

  2. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Anyone bought the game?

  3. Razib AHmed5:25 AM

    No, I am not a Chelsea fan. Chelsea is totally dominating the match. Man Utd boss Ferguson has not put some of the best players in teh first eleven. There is no Ronaldo or Tevez in the first eleven. ANyway, CHelsea is playing very well

  4. Anonymous5:31 AM

    I sure hope Ferguson is not saving them up for the next game. Perhaps hes letting them out the next half, while exhausting chelsea's players withthe backup players.

  5. Anonymous5:35 AM

    I bought D-A... Man U please Buck up!

  6. Anonymous5:51 AM

    dont think faggorson is saving them for the next match owing to exhausting efforts, rather he is just trying to under-estimate the performance of chelsea so far, but he is sure seeing the contrary now. aah! aah! aahahhhh!!!

  7. Anonymous6:17 AM

    m sure now manu will win no matter ronaldo and tevs rnt playn but wayne rooney s always there ... thts d spirit ...way 2 go ...gudluck united

  8. Anonymous6:21 AM

    ronaldo s bckk yepe chelsea vil loose hehe