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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Arsenal vs Liverpool Champions League: Online Live Score and Updates

If you are interested to get the online live score and updates of the Liverpool vs Arsenal second leg of quarter final match of Champions League then visit the following link:

Liverpool vs Arsenal Champions League: Online Live Score and Updates

Arsenal (1) vs Liverpool (1)

93 Minutes: The match has finished 1-1

90 minutes: Fabregas head collected by Liverpool goal keeper

88 Minutes: Arsenal on attack but cleared by Liverpool defense

85 minutes: Change of player for Liverpool

82 minutes: Rare attack from Liverpool.

79 Minutes: Free kick for Arsenal

77 Minutes: Change of player for Liverpool

76 minutes: Arsenal has a free kick

73 Minutes: It is all Arsenal. One after another attack but yet to get the second goal

70 Minutes: Real bad luck for Arsenal again. Shot of Fabregas was blocked by Bentder from Goal line

68 Minutes: Nice strike from Fabregas but too much wide

65 Minutes: Real bad luck for Arsenal. They missed two chances in 30 second. Referee did not give a sure penalty to Arsenal

63 Minutes: Liverpool has a free kick now

59 minutes: Arsenal is now dominating the match. In the last 10 minutes, Arsenal had 8 strong attacks.

56 Minutes: Corner for Arsenal

54 Minutes: Lovely strike from Walcott but just wide

53 Minutes: Free kick for Arsenal from a dangerous area

52 Minutes: Arsenal players put a lot of pressure on Liverpool

49 minutes: First free kick for Liverpool and then good attack from Arsenal

46 Minutes: Second half has started. Arsenal had the first attack. Be with us.

Come back within a few minutes for second half action

45 minutes: half time and the match is 1-1

44 Minutes: Another Arsenal corner

43 minutes: Some scary moments for Liverpool defense. Corner for Arsenal

40 minutes: The match is still 1-1

37 Minutes: Liverpool on attack but well defended by Arsenal

34 Minutes: Free kick for Liverpool from outside of Arsenal's penalty area

32 Minutes: Nice attack from Liverpool and powerful strike from Babel but collected by Arsenal goalkeeper neatly

30 Minutes: Arsenal on attack

27 Minutes: Free kick for Arsenal

25 Minutes: Out of nowhere Liverpool has scored a goal and now score is 1-1

24 Minutes: Arsenal has scored from the corner. Lovely head from Emmanuel Adebayor

23 Minutes: Van Persy again came close. His ground shot was saved by Liverpool goalkeeper for a corner.

21 Minutes: van Persie perhaps missed the easiest chance of teh match. he got a lovely pass but could not score in the end.

20 minutes: Arsenal has a corner now. Fabregas took it and Arsenal almost scored.

18 Minutes: Arsenal has got a free kick

15 Minutes: Corner for Liverpool. First corner of the match but cleared by Fabregas in the end

13 Minutes: Free kick for Arsenal

10 Minutes: Arsenal threatened again but offside

7 minutes: First impressive attack from Arsenal

5 minutes: Free kick for Liverpool

2 Minutes: Liverpool on attack again

0 minute: The match has started. Liverpool had the first attack

The match will start soon. So, do not go anywhere and be with us.

The high-profile match between Arsenal and Liverpool are going to be started within few hours. The kick off time is 19:45 GMT. In this post we will be giving live score of the match with text commentary. The score will be updated after every few minutes. So, be our guest and enjoy live score and updates of Arsenal vs Liverpool match.

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  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I am an Arsenal fan...I pretty much believe they(the gunners) wud've regained the confidence n team spirit now after their amazing 3-2 against Bolton....However, Liverpool r a MUCH better team with Steven Gerrard n Fernando Torres havin immense ability to get the ball into the net....But, Arsenal have the potential n r the intimidating side at the moment only because of their 2-0 against AC Milan. In Arsenal, i believe the victory lies!!!