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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Liverpool vs Arsenal Champions League: Online Live Score and Updates

Liverpool (4) vs Arsenal (2)

93 minutes: Match has ended and final score is Liverpool 4 Arsenal 2

92 minutes: Babel scored fourth goal for Liverpool. Liverpool is now leading 4-2.

90 minutes: Now just some few minutes of injury time left

87 minutes: change of player for Liverpool

85 minutes: Gerrard scored from Penalty and Liverpool now leading by 3-2

84 minutes: Now, Liverpool has Penalty

83 minutes: What a goal for Arsenal. Lovely run from Walcott and Adabyeul scored

81 Minutes: Another attack from Liverpool. Gerrard shot was too high

79 Minutes: Corner for Liverpool

77 Minutes: Change of player for Liverpool

75 Minutes: Corner for Liverpool

72 Minutes: Double substitions for Arsenal. Van Persi and Walcott have come in the field

69 Minutes: Liverpool has scored the second goal. Liverpool is leading by 2-1

68 Minutes: Free kick for Arsenal

66 Minutes: Anther good attack from Arsenal. Arsenal is playing better now

63 Minutes: First good attack from Arsenal in second half and almost scored. Bad luck for Arsenal

60 minutes: Liverpool attacked again.

56 Minutes: Free kick for Arsenal

53 Minutes: Liverpool almost scored second goal

51 Minutes: Free kick for Liverpool

48 minutes: Liverpool has got a corner.

46 Minutes: Second half has started and Liverpool is on the first attack

Come back after few minutes for second half action

45 minutes: First half finished and score is 1-1

44 Minutes: Corner for Arsenal

42 Minutes: change of player for arsenal

39 Minutes: The score is still 1-1

36 Minutes: Long distance powerful shot from Gerrad but too high and wide

33 Minutes: Another impressive attack from Liverpool. Arsenal somehow survived

30 Minutes: Liverpool has equalized from a corner and the match is now 1-1

28 Minutes: Arsenal attacked and counter attack from Liverpool.

26 Minutes: Another good attack from Liverpool. Liverpool fans demanded a penalty

23 Minutes: First good attack from Liverpool

21 Minutes: Arsenal almost scored the second goal. This time, Liverpool goalkeeper could save the ball.

19 Minutes: Free kick for Arsenal

17 Minutes: Good counter attack from Arsenal. Arsenal players looking fresh today

15 Minutes: Liverpool attacked but Arsenal defense was upto the mark

13 Minutes: Arsenal has scored the first goal of the match. Diaby scored the goal from a well concerted attack. Arsenal is attacking by 1-0

10 Minutes: Liverpool attacked but not a good one

7 Minutes: First corner of the match for Arsenal

4 Minutes: Free kick for Liverpool. Arsenal is playing better in the match

2 Minutes: Free kick for Arsenal from dangerous position. But badly taken

0 minutes: The match has started. Liverpool is on the first attack

The Match will start in 3-4 minutes. So, don't go anywhere.

Liverpool vs Arsenal second leg of quarter final match of Champions League will kick off at 19:45 GMT. Here, in this entry we will be giving live score and text commentary of this mouth watering clash. So, if you are interested to get live score and updates of this important match then be our guest and spend some quality time with us here. To know the latest update, you just need to refresh the page after every few minutes.

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