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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal: Live Score and Live Updates

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Wigan Athletic (0) Arsenal (0)

Final score: The match has ended in a 0-0 draw

90 minutes: The match ended goalless.

89 minutes: Best opporutntiy missed by Fabregas. he got goalkeeper alone but could not score.

84 minutes: Corner for Wigan

80 minutes: Freekick for Arsenal

78 minutes: Corner for Arsenal

75 minutes: Freekick for Arsenal

73 MInutes: Lovely attack from Wigan and some scary moments for Arsenal defense

70 minutes: Just 20 minutes left. Still goalless

66 minutes: Change of player for Arsenal. Van Persie has come in the field.

63 minutes: Corner for Wigan.

60 minutes: Gilbarto of Arsenal shown yellow card.

59 minutes: Again corner for Wigan.

57 minutes: Corner for Wigan

55 minutes: Arsenal on attack.

51 minutes: Freekick for Arsenal.

46 minutes: Second half has started. SO, be with us for live score

45 MInutes: First half finished. come back for second half action.

44 MInutes: Corner for Wigan

40 minutes: Arsenal is playing much better now but they could not crack the Wigan defense

35 minutes: Corner for Arsenal

29 MInutes: Wigan is now playing some better

26 Mnutes: Lovely attack from Wigan

22 MInutes: Corner for Arsenal

19 MInutes: Corner for Wigan

17 MInutes: Arsenal got a good chance. Now, Freekick for Wigan

14 MInutes: Good attack from Arsenal but Wigan defense was even better

10 MInutes: Corner for Arsenal

7 minutes: Arsenal attacked but Bentder was offside.

4 MInutes: The score is still goalless. Be with us for live updates of the match.

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