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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Arsene Wenger Says, Moral Integrity as Important as Winning Trophies

Arsene Wenger has finally reacted on the remarks made by former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho earlier this week. Mourinho said that Arsenal was a unique team and their coach had not won anything for years but he was still an idol. Arsenal manager Wenger responded indirectly saying that winning was not everything in sport, rather moral integrity was as important as winning trophy. To him, a trophy can be shown for a moment, but after that it is all about the way you play or behave. Wenger compared some people who have won trophies in football with the athletes who won Olympic 100 meter races by cheating.

Goal.com reported:

“I know people who have won trophies and I don’t rate them," he said. “I can give you examples of people who have won the Olympic 100 metres and they have cheated. I know people in football who have done exactly the same.

"But for me, sport is more than just winning trophies. Winning cannot be everything. What is important for me is to play in a fair way and in a way that people will enjoy. Of course winning is important - but so is moral integrity.

But Wenger, who was cost the French title back in his Monaco days by a corrupt Marseille side, says it goes beyond this. "I let other people talk. I will talk for myself," he said. "I try to do my job as well as I can. If it’s not good enough, people will let me know.”

Well, I agree with Mr. Wenger. A coach or a player can not be only judged by the number of trophies or goals he achieved in his career. The most important thing is that how much influences one could have in the sport in a fair way. Honesty is definitely very important in any profession.

It is true that Wenger could not win as much trophies as the coaches like Ferguson won, but what impressed me most regarding Wenger is his quality to read the insight of the game and a players. Wenger is one of those rare coaches who do not always go for the star players, rather includes young players and polishes them to rise to their prominence. So, Arsene Wenger is someone who has the quality to go on with any team without facing any pressure and without winning trophies.

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