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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Alex McLeish Criticizes FIFA President Sepp Blatter for Commenting Harshly on Taylor

Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish has been angry at FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s involvement in Eduardo da Silva’s injury row. Arsenal striker Eduardo was severely tackled by Birmingham City player Martin Taylor in the 2-2 draw match a few weeks ago which created huge. The injury has make Eduardo sidelined at least for nine months and led him to a surgery in his left leg.

Following the tackle, Taylor has been fully criticized and Mr. Blatter has already termed the incident as shocking. Blatter also formally requested FA to extend the penalty of Taylor, who has initially handed a three-match ban. Alex McLeish did not like that and said that Blatter would have to ban everyone if he followed every tackle of every European game. He also termed Taylor’s tackle “not malicious.”

Guardian reported:

"I am disappointed with Sepp Blatter," said McLeish. "He is in a job just now where if he were to look at every tackle every week in every European game, he would be out of a job because he would have to ban everyone. We wouldn't have football and Sepp would have to do something else. I heard his comments the other night and I was flabbergasted."

McLeish claimed Blatter "could go to court with [his plans to lengthen the ban] and he would fail 100%". He added: "They have no jurisdiction over this. Sepp has probably seen the extent of Eduardo's injury and some of the pictures in the papers and he has been horrified because of that. It is disappointing but no one can take Sepp to task. He is the top man."

Well, I think, there is no doubt that Taylor’s tackle was something horrific, whether Taylor made it intentionally or unintentionally. I think, FA should investigate the matter more extensively as this was not a typical injury and make ensure if he made it intentionally or not. I hope, no more such tackle would premier league see in future.

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