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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

England vs Switzerland: Live Score and Live Updates

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England (2) vs Switzerland (1)

Thanks for being with in live score and updates of the match

93 Minutes: corner for Switzerland and the amtch finsihed and England was lucky to win the match by 2-1

90 Minutes: 3 minutes of added time left

87 Minutes: Change of player for England. Rooney is going out and Young came in

84 Minutes: Change of player for Switzerland

82 Minutes: Swiss attack foiled by English defense

79 Minutes: Good attack from England but Gerrard's shot was high

76 Minutes: Corner for Switzerland

74 Minutes: England is on attack again

70 Minutes: Corner for Switzerland

67 Minutes: Superb cross by Bentalay but Crouch could not convert. His shot was taken easily by Switzerland goalkeeper

64 Minuets: Superb strike from Rooney but just too wide.

62 Minutes: Two goals have taken place in the last 7 minutes. The score is now England 2- Switzerland 1

55 Minutes: Change of player for Switzerland

54 Minutes: Lovely strike from Jenas and Switzerland goal keeper could some how save it for a corner. England is playing very well now.

52 Minutes: Rooney again got an opportunity and his chip was too high.

51 Minutes: Free kick for England

48 Minutes: Excellent attack from England but Rooney was ordinary in teh end. He should have done better.

46 Minutes: Second half has started and England is attacking now.

Second Half will start in one minute. So stay with us for live action.

Half Time: England is leading 1-0. Come after few minutes of second half action

43 Minutes: England supporters are now chanting for more goals.

40 Minutes: Yes, England has scored at last and what a lovely goal it was. Jenas is the hero but more credit should go to Joe Cole.

39 Minutes: England was so close to score. Rooney passed a good ball but in the end a corner. Really bad luck for England

36 Minutes: England is on attack again looking for the first goal.

32 Minutes: Impressive attack from England players. The cross pass of Jeans was intercepted by Switzerland defense

29 Minutes: Free kick for Switzerland again and this time, poorly taken

27 Minutes: Free kick for Switzerland and then some scary moments for England defense. The head of Switzerland player was just wide and England did not suffer any goal.

24 Minutes: Corner for England

21 Minutes: Corner for Switzerland but easily collected by English goalkeeper and then counter attack from England.

18 Minutes: Rooney again disappointed the fans. His flick was great but was wide.

16 Minutes: No team is dominating in the match.

13 Minutes: Lovely run from Joe Cole and England got a corner

10 Minutes: What a miss for England! Rooney found the goal keeper alone but could not score.

7 Minutes: Free kick for England from a dangerous position but nothing happened

3 Minuets: Free kick for Switzerland

0 minute: The match has started first attack from England.

People of many countries are watching this match live in their TV and people of many countries.

England players are singing national anthem

The match will start within 5 minutes.

We will give live score when match starts.

England vs Switzerland friendly match will begin within few hours. The match is now in the center of all attention to the fans of both England and Switzerland. Here, in this post we will be giving live score and updates of the match. So, be with us and enjoy the live score and text commentary of England vs Switzerland friendly match.

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