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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Arsene Wenger Says, Premier League Might Turn into Circus, If Priority Given to Money

English premier league is reported to be held in five major cities of the world outside England. It has not been made final yet, but if the proposal is finally granted then it will be implemented from 2010-2011 season. The objective of organizing some matches in abroad is to increase the popularity of the league world wide. However, Arsene Wenger, chairman of the 20 member clubs, has asked that before making any final decision over the issue, a through enquiry should be conducted in order to make sure that it will not affect the competitiveness and fairness of English premier league. The veteran coach asked not to give priority on money, then, he thinks, it would lost its innovation.

The Press Association reported:

"It deserves a deeper look into it, and you always have to think forward." The Arsenal boss declared: "But if the money is the first priority forget it because it will become a circus. The first priority is the quality of your competition, and you have to take time to think about that."

"I am not against innovation, by principle, and I like that somebody thinks how can we promote the Premier League and promote English football," said Wenger.

"But you have to respect basic criteria - the competitiveness of our league, the fairness of our league, and as well make sure that it is a promotion for our football.

I agree with Mr. Wenger. It must be ensured that English premier league would not lose its fairness and competitiveness if it is made global. He pointed out an important thing and it must be taken in to account before taking any final decision over the issue. English premier league has world wide fan base and it has already been global in terms of its fan base throughout the world. However, I think, it would make the league more global if the proposal is taken granted, but in order to get the best out of the opportunity, the authority has to confirm the competitiveness and the fairness of the league.

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