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Thursday, January 31, 2008

William Gallas Reminds Team Mates about Chelsea’s Winning Run

Arsenal captain William Gallas has warned his team mates about Chelsea who are now four points behind Arsenal and Manchester United. Chelsea has won their last nine matches including five league matches. So, you can understand their impressive run since Avram Grant’s side lost to Arsenal in December in premier league. Gallas was the former player of Chelsea and he knows about Chelsea very well. So, he is not thinking like many who are giving much focus only Arsenal and Manchester United.

Gallas, the veteran defender of Arsenal, has contributed a lot in Arsenal’s impressive run this season. After Thierry Henry’s move to Barcelona, there were many who wrote off Arsenal having any success this season. Gallas has admitted that Chelsea has put pressure on Manchester United and Arsenal. So, to him, Arsenal also needs to put some pressure on Chelsea.

Goal.com reported:

He is well aware of his former team-mates' capabilities, and warns: "Everybody forgets Chelsea - but I do not, because I know how they play.
"They can come back very quickly and can put the pressure on Manchester United and Arsenal.
"But we have to also put some pressure back on them, because at the moment they are winning every game.
"We have to be careful because they are a danger."
Gallas, 30, also told Arsenal TV Online: "I think it is really exciting to have some pressure in every game and try to win every time.
"We will look to put pressure on both Man U and Chelsea."

Actually, you can not say that Chelsea has been in an impressive form, but what is more important is that they are picking up three points consistently what keeps them in the title race. So, it seems that Chelsea is going forwards silently, as most of the focus given on Arsenal and Manchester United. Chelsea has projected a 1-0 victory over Reading on Wednesday. So, Gallas has realized the fact that any slip off would cost Arsenal a lot in the league point table. I think, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are now in the English premier league title race so far this season.

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