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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Maria Sharapova vs Jelena Jankovic Australian Open: Who Will Win?

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Maria Sharapova vs Jelena Jankovic: Live Score and Live Updates


Maria Sharapova vs Jelena Jankovic upcoming semi final match is now the center of all attention in the tennis world. Both the players projected superb victories in their quarter final matches providing a shocking defeat to two of the most favorites of the tournament- Justine Hein and Serena Williams. Henin tasted 6-0 love in the second set in her 6-4, 6-0 defeat to Maria Sharapova. Jelena Jankovic’s 6-3, 6-4 victory over the reigning champion Serena Williams did not come so easily as the Serbian had to face strong challenge from Serena Williams in both the sets.

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Now, Maria Sharapova and Jelena Jankovic are gearing up to face each other in their last hurdle to reach the final of Australian Open 2008. Sharapova and Jankovic faced each other on four occasions in the past with Sharapova winning three times. However, Jankovic emerged winner in their last meeting in 2007. Maria Sharapova, the fifth seed, spent a disappointing season last year, while Jelena Jankovic saw one of the most successful seasons of her career in 2007. However, Jankovic has been suffering from injury since earlier this month and she has been taking treatment even during the matches.

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So, Maria Sharapova can be happy that she is going to face an injured Jankovic in the semi final. Well, the reality is that Jankovic is still strong enough to face any player in the world with her mental strength and skill. Jankovic even claimed herself as a wounded-animal referring to her ability despite the niggling injury. Maria Sharapova, in contrast, has been in an ominous from and did not face any problem in her shoulder, which was the reason behind her poor form last year. However, the Russian star has recovered from the injury and now gearing up to win her third grand slam title in Australian Open 2008.

It is really a tough task to predict about the result of the match. Considering the recent performances of both the players, you have to admit that Maria Sharapova has better chance in her semi final showdown with Jelena Jankovic. She has improved a lot in her game in the off season and she seems to be confident tool. Jelena Jankovic has expressed that she has no more expectation with her prevailing injury and she is happy with what she achieved so far in the tournament. In fact, reaching the semi final of the tournament, she has marked her best performance in Australian Open. So, Jankovic has nothing to lose against Maria Sharapova. Rather, she can win everything in her way if she can reach the final of Australian Open 2008. This is where Jankovic’s advantage lies. She can play fearlessly, even without thinking much about her opponent. So, I would not say that Maria Sharapova is the favorite in the match. I think, both of them have equal chance out in the Melbourne Park to the semi final match.

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