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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some Features of LG KF600 Mobile Sets

LG KF600 Venus has some attractive features for its users. This is the GSM version of LG Venus. The most interesting feature of the set is its IntereactPad. It is what known as dual touch screen included in LG Venus. Now, it has come with LG KF600 in the name of InteractPad. The pad allows users to have larger screen as navigation keys are no longer existed.

The touch sensitive pad lies below the primary display and the interactpad changes according to the surroundings. For example, when the user is playing game, the pad changes into the gaming control. Thus it reduces the extra load of the operating keys that is fixed with every other phone set. Moreover, LG KF600 Venus includes EDGE/GPRS, USB 2.0, Bluetooth and 3 mega pixel camera.

Last year, LG has experienced huge success from LG Venus and Voyage. Now, LG KF600 has already come into the center of attention. Its interactpad has attracted the users and the GPRS version of LG Venus is also expected to bring out financial boost for LG this year.

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