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Monday, January 28, 2008

Skyfire Mobile Browser for Smart Phone Unveiled

A new web browser from Skyfire has been unveiled for the smart phone users. Using Skyfire browser, users can bring the web content quickly. Moreover, web content can be brought in smart phone keeping its desktop look. Proprietary technology is used in the Skyfire browser. Users can book mark an area of the website in order to have easy access to that area later on.

Mobileburn reported:

Support for web technologies such as AJAX, Java, and Flash video suggest that the Skyfire browser could open up a new level of mobile web browsing for consumers. Skyfire claims it is the fastest loading mobile browser on the market, and offers features such as the ability to bookmark particular areas of a web page so they can be quickly accessed again at a later time.

It is good news for those who use internet in mobile phone. It is not possible to access to all websites in the net with the other browsers available. However, Skyfire now seems to bring out a huge change in smart phone web browsing. From now on, users will be able to go though the websites in the way they do in computer.

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  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    wow!i wish it comes to india soon.