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Friday, January 11, 2008

New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars: How Jaguars Can Win?

Ahead of the New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars match, fans of both sides are now excited. Moreover, Patriots’ undefeated run is also something attractive to NFL fans. Patriots are obviously favorite for the match with lots of statistics and record are on their favor. Jaguars have not achieved anything special like Patriots have. They finished the regular season second to Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South. However, they could manage to get into the playoff as the fifth seed of their conference with 11-5 record.

In the wild card playoff round match, they got a hardly-won 31-29 victory against Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, ahead of the match against Patriots, they have very few things in the record book to bet on them. Patriots and Jaguars met seven times in the history of NFL in which Patriots won six of those matches including the latest one in 2006. In their three times playoff meetings, Jaguars could manage to win only once against Patriots.

Jaguars will need to have more ball possession in the match, if they have the intention to play the AFC championship game. Jaguars must have to play some more players in the offense as they nee to score from touchdowns besides field goals. There are few other things that I got in the website of ind.scout.com:

1. Win the turnover battle. It’s simple and it’s important, the Jaguars must force turnovers against this great opponent and take care of the ball themselves. An even turnover margin will not win the game for the Jaguars.

4. Play perfect special teams. Special teams is the only phase of the game that the Patriots don’t have a decided advantage in. The Jaguars must be dominant in the area of special teams–kicking, punting, coverage, and returns.

Patriots have more chances to win the match, despite the fact that Jaguars will have the eye to cause an upset, which will be one of the most famous upsets in NFL. Both teams have some good players who can lead their teams from the front line. Actually, it is not the strength; it is performance of a particular day and a bit of luck needed to win a match. Let us see who are going to give their best on Saturday and reach to the AFC championship match.

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