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Friday, January 11, 2008

New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Where the Jaguars Have Chances

New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars are going to face each other in the divisional round playoff match of NFL. It is bit easier to say that Patriots will win the match considering their undefeated run in the regular season. Now, the question comes in that if Patriots will even not be challenged by the Jaguars. That is what, I would like to point out. Yes, Jaguars have the ability to cause such a big upset on Saturday in front of the Patriots fans. There are two points to pick up.

To begin with, Patriots defense was not that much successful that their 16-0 record shows. They conceded 98.2 yards per game and their performance against Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers was really poor. Now, even a Patriots fan can have that fear that what if Patriots do the same thing against Jaguars.

In the second, Jaguars have the running backs like Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew- who are enough to destroy any side in their days. To tell the truth, they played a big part for Jaguars this season. Jaguars have 2,391 rushing yards with 149.4 yards per game in the season, only second to Minnesota Vikings with 164.6 yards.

USA Today reported:

"They have two great backs and they can hit the home run," Patriots coach Bill Belichick says.

"They can come up with a tough yard on third-down or short-yardage, goal-line situations."

So, Jaguars also have chance in the match with their positive things. However, it is also true that if Patriots can do their job accordingly then their will have little chance for Jaguars. So, it depends on how the Patriots players handle the things and play accordingly. Now, let us see if Jaguars can really cause an upset.

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