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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Barcelona vs Racing Santander: Live Score and Live Updates

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Barcelona (1)-- Racing (0)
Barcelona has won the match 1-0
85 MInutes: Freekick for Racing and some nervous moments for Barcelona. In the end, nothing happened
80 MInutes: Barcelona is still leading 1-0
73 MInutes: Corner for Barcelona
68 Minutes: Freekick for Barcelona. Deco tooks it and blocked by the wall
65 MInutes: Messi has come in the field for Barcelona. Can he do any magic?
61 MInutes: No team is dominating at the moment. Change of player for Racing
57 MInutes: Bad luck for Racing. They almsot scored a goal but Barcelona goalkeeper somehow saved the shot.
55 Minutes: Lovely pass from Henry but Gudjonson could not convert
50 MInutes: Another attack from Racing. Racingf is better at the moment.
46 Miunutes: First attck from Racing
Second half has started
45 MInutes: First half finished.
42 MInutes: Attack from racing. The match is almost lifeless.
35 MInutes: 10 minutes left of First half
30 MInutes: Thirrey Henry scored first goal from Corner for Barcelona.
24 MInutes: Freekick for Barcelona and good opporutinity for Barcelona.
20 Minutes: Good attack from Racing but bad finsihing
16 MInutes: Freekick for Barcelona
13 Minutes: Good run up from Barcelona but Thirrey Henry is offside.
9: Corner for Racing
6 MInutes: ANother attack from Racing but the head was just too high.
3 MInutes: Good attack from Racing
1 MInutes: The match has started and the first attack came from Barcelona.

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