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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Australian Open 2008: Maria Sharapova Looking for Success on the Court

World no. 5 Maria Sharapova has left a big sigh on the New Year’s Eve, leaving behind a disappointing year. She could not win grand slam title last year with no other major success. Now, ahead of the Australian Open 2008, she is now hoping to build on success this year and she is interested to start it from the first grand slam tournament of the season. According to her, she has spent a good off season and kept her fit. She also indicated that she was not fit most of the time last year.

Guardian reported:

"I was in Hong Kong and I was celebrating New Year and yelling 'yes, the year is over'," the Russian told Reuters ahead of the Australian Open.

"And I was very excited about it," she added with a grin.

"It wasn't a very positive year... I felt like I was injured for 80 percent of it.

"I have been healthy for three months now," she said, in an interview arranged by sponsor Sony Ericsson for whom she is a global brand ambassador.

"I had a good off season. Probably one of the best I've had.

"I'm only 20 and have been on the tour for four years and (I've learnt) you have got to really take care of the body.

"If I'm healthy then results-wise I know what I'm capable of."

Yes, people also know what she can do in her days. With two grand slam titles, she is believed to have full of potential. What she needs is to flourish it and be in the right track. Though she has already experienced the taste of being world no. 1, she could not hold on there. Maria Sharapova was the finalist of Australian Open last year, being defeated to the eventual champion Serena Williams. Now, let us see if Sharapova can go a step further this time around.

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