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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Arsenal vs Newcastle United FA Cup 2008: Live Score and Updates

If you want to get the online live score and updates of the Arsenal vs Newcastle match of EPL, then visit the following link:

Arsenal vs Newcastle United EPL 2008-09: Live Score and Updates

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Arsenal (3)--- Newcastle United (0)

Arsenal has won the match by 3-0

91 MInutes: Emmanuel Adebayor almsot scored his third goal.

87 Minutes: Freekick for Arsenal. And third goal for Arsenal from own goal of Newcastle player Butt.

84 Minutes: Lovely goal from Emmanuel Adebayor. Perhaps the best goal for Arsenal this season so far. Arsenal scored the second goal and leading 2-0

81 Minutes: Another substition for Newcastle. Duff goes off the field. Lulua came in the filed..

78 Minutes: Freekick for Arsenal.

76 minutes: DOuble substition for Arsenal. Gilberto and Hleb came in the field and Rozenhal came in field for Newcastle in place of Enrique

74 MInutes: Good build up from Arsenal but Flamini's shot was too much wide.

72 MInutes: Arsenal had 3 attacks in 3 minutes

69 MInutes: Newcastle attacked but Michel Owen offside.

66 Minutes: Corner for Arsenal.

63 MInutes: Corner for Arsenal and tehn counter attack from newcastle.

60 MInutes: Enrique looked threating for Newcastle but Arsenal defense cleared the ball.

57 MInutes: Eduwardo fell down too easily and Arsenal fans were looking for a freekick but not given.

54 MInutes: Arsenal is trying for the second goal.

51 MInutes: Arsenal has scored the first goal. Emmanuel Adebayor scored the goal from inside of the penalty box. Lovely shot.

49 Minutes: Corner for Newcastle.

47 MInutes: Freekick for Arsenal.

Come back within a few minutes. for second half action.

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First half finsihed.

45 Minutes: Another attack for Arsenal.

44 Minutes: corner for Arsenal

43 Minutes: Arsenal is doing better now. 2 good attacks in 2 minutes.

40 MInutes: just 5 minutes left of first half and the score is still goalless.

37 MInutes: Lovely clearance from Gallas. Newcastle attacked and Gallas streched his body to clear a cross pass.

34 Minutes: Lovely attack from Arsenal adn tehy got a corner.

32 Minutes: Corner for Newcastle

29 MInutes: Good attack for Newcastle. Taylor's head was just above Arsenal's goalpost. Lehman surely felt relived.

26 MInutes: Arsenal is playing better at the moment. Freekick for Newcastle.

23 MInutes: Corner for Arsenal.

21 MInutes: The match is exciting and full of attacks and counter attacks.

17 MInutes: Now, good attack from Arsenal. Newcastle United goalkeeper could save the ball in the end.

15 MInutes: Michel Owen missed the easiest chance of the match. There was a lovely cross and he failed to convert it.

14 Minutes: Corner for Newcastle and Newcastle almost scored. The ball cleared from goal line by Clichy for Arsenal.

12 Minutes: Impressive attack from Arsenal. Walcott's cross was well defended in teh end by Arsenal defense.

9 MInutes: some scary moments for Arsenal defense as Newcastle attacked. Change of player for Arsenal. Eduwardo came in the field.

6 Minutes: Good chance for Arsenal but Fabregas could not score.

3 mInutes: First a corner for Newcastle and then a counter attack from Arsenal.

1 Minutes: The match has started. Newcastle is tring to attack

The match will start in a minute or two.

The match will start after 5 minutes.

The match will start at 1500 GMT and come back that time to get live score and updates.

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