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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

10 Famous Footballers with Weird Hair Style

By: Biplob Kishore Deb

Fashion is something which is not confined among the models rather an attractive hobby of many who are in other profession. Footballers are not beyond this attraction. I found some fashionable footballers who have their own hair style distinct from other players. These fashionable footballers were/are very popular to their fans.

Rio Fardinand

Rio Ferdinand is the most valuable defender in the world who is currently playing for Manchester United. This English defender has got success in both of his international and club career. He is very famous for his long and distinct hair and good looking mustache. His creative tackle to the strikers shows his football skill and his fashionable hair and mustache proves his passion. He played world cup in 1998, 2002 and 2006 world cup.

Image Link: Soccer-Europe.com

Carlos Valderrama

Carlos Valderrama is the famous Colombian footballer who is the only Colombian to have included in the Fifa’s top 125 living footballers list. He played for Colombia in three world cup as captain. He is also considered as one of the most fashionable footballers. With his football skill he is also known very famous for his dyed blondish-orange bush of hair. Among the twenty two footballers in the field he could easily be identified due to his distinct hair style.

(Image Source: Uglyfootballers.com)

Edger Davids

Davids is the famous Dutch footballer. His height is 5.7”. His height could not be a hardle in his career. This prominent midfielder played for many famous clubs such as Juventus, FC Barcelona, AC Milan ect. In his international career he played for his country in three Euro championships and world cup in 1998. In spite of having such success in the field he was also very popular for his long matted hair. Another dimension was added with his fashionable appearance as he is to wear goggles in the field as he suffers from glaucoma. For his distinctive fashion and speed he can easily attract people in the field.

(Image Source: Answers.com

Roberto Baggio

Baggio, famous Italian footballer, is considered as on of the most talented footballer of the world. This former Juventus and AC Milan striker was very fashionable with his hair. His long curly hair and French cut mustache made him a fashionable icon in the world. His distinct appearance added another dimension in his career to make him more popular to his fans.

(Image Source: CubaWeb

Ruud Gullit

This famous Dutch midfielder is also well-known for his fashionable hair. He got success in both international and club football. Ruud Gullit spent his golden time with AC Milan and PSV Eindhoven. He made lots of records in his career. Despite these successes in the field, he was too popular for his matted hair. His fashionable appearance in the field makes him different form other players in the field.

(Image Source:

(Image Source: Rediff.com)

David Beckham

This English football legend is most famous for his trade mark free kick and his fashionable hair. With his good looking appearance he became model for many products of famous companies. Beckham loves to change his hair style frequently and his distinctive hair styles make made him very popular to the fans and he became the model for cover page of many fashion magazines. Among his hair styles Bohemian like hair style became more popular. Here, it is noteworthy that his wife Victoria Beckham is the member of the pop music group Spice Girls who is also very fashionable. I can give you information to make you show this couple’s popularity and that is, OK Magazine bought the right of taking picture of their wedding ceremony and that is why no other newspapers were allowed to take the photograph of that ceremony.

Didier Drogba

Drogba is famous Chelsea striker who helped Chelsea to become the English Premier League Champion in the last year. He also led his country to get the ticket for the world cup 2006. Despite his football talent he is also famous for his long hair and band. His appearance in the field is as like as his performance because his hair style is very popular to his fans. He also played in the world cup 2006 with Ivory Coast.


This Brazilian legend footballer has got many successes in his career both in international level and club level. Ronaldo won two world cups with Brazil and became the highest goal scorer in the world cup history. From his early career he has been seen with his bald head but in the final stage of th4e world cup 2002 he appeared in the field with his new hair style and he was then in his best time of his career. So, that style became very popular among his fans. The reason behind his new hair style was very interesting and that is, his child can not recognize him in the television because his fellow teammate Roberto Carlos is also bald. So, whenever his child saw Carlos he called him Dad. That is why, the world saw his fashionable hair style. His fans should give thanks to his child. Is not it?

Claudio Caniggia

This Argentine forward, the striking partner and friend of legend Diego Maradona, is very famous for his long hair. With his long hair he was very popular among his fans but he had to suffer much for hair. Caniggia had to be out of the team for a long time after refusing to cut his hair by the order of the then coach of Argentina Daniel Passarella. He played world cup 1990, 1994 for Argentina.


The most celebrity footballer of the world at present, Ronaldinho is famous for his curly long hair which made him very fashionable. The present Fifa world footballer of the year makes his fans impress not only through his football skill but also through his excellent and good looking hair style. Ronaldinho won the world cup with Brazil in 2002. He got the FIfa World Player of the Year for twice.

(The images used here have been taken from other websites and in each case a link is provided to the original location. If any right has been violated please let me know and the image(s) will be removed immediately).

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