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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Apocalypse Panic: The New blog on Fantasy Novel

To be honest, I am not a big reader of English novels. However, anything related to fantasy always excites me. Being a Pisces, I have the quality to sit in one place hour after hour and my mind larking into some distant world doing weird things. This is why, when I stumbled upon Apocalypse Panic, the blog of a fantasy novel writer, I could not but check it out and I liked it.

Apocalypse Panic is a very young blog; still in its infancy. The title of the blog has been taken from the title of the novel of J.E. Cordone. The blog started out in December 2007. The author of the blog, who goes by the pen name, NiennaC, is a young author specializing in Fantasy novel and comics. Presently, he is publishing his first novel, The McCrery Key. The first webisode of the novel has been published and I found it interesting so far. It is about a young girl, Willa, whose family is one of the seven families guarding the sacred key. When the seven keys are combined they form a mystical sword. Willa lives with her grandmother, who has been telling her the story of the key and the sword. When she was a child she believed it but as she grew up she came to take it as a fairytale. Then one day, she threw the key away and on that fateful day, the knight came to seek the key. What will Willa do? For some reason, I felt like I am reading the novel version of He-Man.

For the last couple of years, fantasy movies are using same type of stories. The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass. In all these movies, we see ordinary day to day people, with bizzarre twist of fate, destined to do great things. I do not want to see repitition of the same thing in this novel. The starting has been great. I am eagerly waiting for the next webisode.

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