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Saturday, January 26, 2008

All About Christopher Langan: The Smartest Man in America

There are few people around us who have the ability to make their presence felt with their extraordinary abilities. They lead the average life that we the average people do, but they are different with their works and thoughts. Christopher Michael Langan is such an extraordinary person. In fact, he is considered as the smartest man in America. You might have started thinking that what is so special in him or what has made him the smartest man in America. Well, let us see how Christopher Langan has become the smartest man in America.

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Christopher Langan is a self-learner who could not even finish his university studies after feeling that he could teach his professors more than what his professors could teach him. It was his self-belief and confidence that led him to go out of institutional learning. He has achieved the rare feat of around 195 in IQ test or 20/20 in the IQ test. Langan has already wrote a book, Design of the Universe, where he introduced his won theory, "Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe" (CTMU). To him, it is the theory of the relationship between mind and reality. However, he had to go though lots of hardship throughout his life. However, he was born with gifted talent which sometimes became the reason of his sufferings as well.

Early Life of Christopher Langan

Chris Langan did not get the life of an average child has. Born in San Francisco, Chris Langan grew up in Montana. His father died (or disappeared) even before he was born and he was brutally treated by his stepfather. However, he started showing his talent and extraordinary skills from his tender age, despite all those problems.

Longan learned to speak when he was only 6 months old and acquired reading ability himself before he was four. Chris Langan continued showing his talent in school as well.

Wikipedia reported:

He began talking at six months, taught himself to read before he was four, and was repeatedly skipped ahead in school. But he grew up in poverty and says he was beaten by his stepfather from when he was almost six to when he was about fourteen. By then Langan had begun weight training, and forcibly ended the abuse, throwing his stepfather out of the house and telling him never to return.

Langan says he spent the last years of high school mostly in independent study, teaching himself "advanced math, physics, philosophy, Latin and Greek, all that". After earning a perfect score on the SAT he tried college (Reed College and later Montana State University), but faced with finance and transportation problems, and believing that he "could literally teach [his professors] more than they could teach [him]", dropped out.

After leaving institutional education, he worked various laborious jobs including construction worker, cowboy, forest service firefighter, farmhand and worked as a bouncer in a bar on Long Island for more than twenty years. However, whatever profession he was involved, he did not give up his self-education. Besides his jobs in various sectors, he kept on his research on Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe.

Unbelievable IQ Score and Coming into Lime Light

It was his IQ score which brought him under the lime light for the first time. With the news of his 195 IQ score came out, magazines, newspapers including Popular Science, The Times, Newsday, Muscle & Fitness started publishing feature on him. He was interviewed on BBC Radio and on Errol Morris's First Person and took part in an online chat at ABCNEWS.com.

CNN Twist reported:

Chris Langan IQ ComparisonHere’s another way to think about this. Think about how much smarter you are than a really, really mentally retarded person.

An average person’s IQ is about 100, and that really retarded person is maybe 65 for a measly 35 point difference. Well, the deficit between Chris and the average person is nearly 300% greater! Heck, the difference between him and a genius is as great as the difference between a genius and a retarded person!

So, it is natural that someone with such an IQ score will be a star within few days. Chris Langan was no different. His name and fame gradually started to spread out across the country. However, still he was doing his job as a bouncer of bar. His IQ was even more than Einstein.

Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe: The Theory of Everything

Chris Longan came up with his own theory which describes how scientific theory needs to focus on mind besides the reality, in the process to make it a comprehensive theory. He thinks that mind and reality are linked to each other. This is, to him, is the Theory of Everything. He worked on the theory for about two decades.

Megafoundation reported:

In other words, a comprehensive theory of reality is not just about observation, but about theories and their logical requirements. Since theories are mental constructs, and mental means "of the mind", this can be rephrased as follows: mind and reality are linked in mutual dependence at the most basic level of understanding. This linkage of mind and reality is what a TOE (Theory of Everything) is really about. The CTMU is such a theory; instead of being a mathematical description of specific observations (like all established scientific theories), it is a "metatheory" about the general relationship between theories and observations…i.e., about science or knowledge itself. Thus, it can credibly lay claim to the title of TOE.

Chris Longan also made a bridge between science and theology. He believes in both creationism and evolution. His theory includes various areas of philosophy including religion, cognition, moral laws and many other things. However, the Cognitive-Theoretical Model of the Universe has attracted some criticisms as well.

Now, Christopher Langan has become a known face in America and is considered as one of the intellectual persons in the country, even though he has no university or college degree like other intellectuals. He has formed "Mega Foundation" along with wife Gina LoSasso in order to provide help to the gifted people. Chris Langan has recently won $250,000 in NBC's 1 vs. 100 contest.

It was his talent and hard work that helped him to reach at today’s position. Success did not come easily, even though he was a gifted person. After putting on his efforts for two decades, he could come up with his theory. So, Christopher Langan has set an example for the young generation, who can achieve their goal with similar determination and hard work that Christopher Langan put on in his life.

If you are interested to know more about the theory of Christopher Langan then you can visit this site.

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  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Interesting article ...

    Eric Mathey Ayite

    1. Anonymous12:45 PM

      This is shit

    2. Anonymous12:45 PM

      This is shit

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  2. Anonymous3:17 PM

    The irony here is with all that IQ he seems to fail at basic logic. His theory "CTMU" has been laughed at in scientific circles.

    He has a God of the gaps argument...

    It goes sort of like: This is A, here follows C, between them a miracle occurs, but fails to call it B.

    His theory explains NOTHING, from his deductions we cannot make any advancements.

    IQ without education = the capacity to invent the most absurd theories with layers and layers of complexity YET NO SUBSTANCE.

    1. Anonymous12:07 PM

      Do you really think just about anyone could get what he is talking about? Geniuses aren't meant to be understood by everyone.

    2. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Body building

    3. Can you explain where he does that? it sounds like your doing what you claim hes doing.

    4. Anonymous5:27 AM

      ...you sound like a person with a LOW IQ...

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    You, anonymous person above, have no idea what you're talking about. Simply because Langan supports a version of intelligent design doesn't mean he resorts to a "God of the gaps argument" anywhere at all. Perhaps you should really try to understand his theory before passing judgment on it.

    1. Anonymous5:14 PM

      It is god of the gaps you twit.

  4. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Wow, the person righting this blog doesn't know the difference between ONE (the number) and won (as into win something)but given his posting I am not surprised.

  5. Anonymous4:46 AM

    "Wow, the person righting.." righting??? For you to even make a comment like that is baffling.

  6. I first read about Chris Langan in "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. Now I'm looking for more material. Very fascinating.

    1. RIsaiah5:11 PM

      I just grab the book "Outliers" and found Chris Langan's story very interesting. please share any other related articles

  7. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I have a degree in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Electrical Engineering; and, I support Chris Langan!

    1. Anonymous12:44 PM

      No one believes u

  8. Anonymous1:25 AM

    @ darrellben
    Same here!

  9. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I have read Chris Langan's descriptions of his CTMU (Cognitive Theoretical Model of the Universe). Impressive. This man is a fairly significant philosopher of language. His grasp of logic and of philosophical conceptualism is profound and well-displayed.

    There is a powerful intelligence behind Langan's writing. Very precise and exact. I have yet to detect an actual mistake in any of his work. I find it extraordinarily well-balanced and carefully reasoned.

    Langan's theory is almost a type of metacognition - a type of "thinking about thought," as that practiced by Rene Descartes ("I think, therefore I am.") Langan calls his theory a "metatheory" - a theory ABOUT other theories of knowledge. Such a metatheory would indeed encompass everything. It all appears to be based around the principle of CONTAINMENT. One thing inside another. Quite neat and tidy.

    I find it absolutely fascinating that virtually no one seems to understand what Langan is saying. It's quite elementary, and he tries to present it as such. I came to this theory thinking it might be hogwash. But what I find instead is a very clever, carefully balanced creation that coheres very well with itself, and with its intellectual sources. Elegant. Simple. Exact.

    I think what most people have problems with is the terminology. A vast amount of scholarship lies behind many of the terms Langan uses. They cannot be taken at face value.

    For instance, Langan uses words such as "reality," and "truth." Right away, red flags go up. People begin griping, saying nonsense like "oh, reality, there's no such thing." Or "oh, truth, what is truth, truth doesn't even exist, the man is babbling."

    Let me just say here and now, if you are not a philosopher, you will not understand Chris Langan. End of story. Physics is fine to know, but it occupies a comparatively small role here.

    Philosophers define "reality" as "anything that is the case." They define external reality as "that, which, when you stop thinking about it, doesn't go away." And they define truth as "anything that corresponds to reality."

    These are very basic concepts in philosophy. Every philosopher knows them. And I find that most non-philosophers have never heard such words defined before. People criticize Langan for using words they think they understand, but actually don't. They literally don't know what they don't know.

    The CTMU relies powerfully on a clear understanding of logic, philosophical terminology, and comprehension of a vast collection of principles in philosophical discourse. If you don't know these, you will not understand it.

    1. Anonymous7:15 AM

      So where is the testability, falisfiability or usefulness of any of Langan's ideas? How can any of his ideas be used to advance our understanding of anything in the universe? His model doesn't even qualify as a hypothesis, let alone a theory.

    2. Anonymous9:40 PM

      Find it yourself and dislike yourself elsewhere. His intelligence quotient is higher than your own. Madbro? Btw if youve read on his theory you would know that you can ask him all the questions you want. So go ask and be answered by him yourself so you shut the fuck up.

  10. Anonymous10:45 PM

    IQ tests don't tell you how "smart" you are - they tell your abilities in certain areas - none of which involve a whole slew of important aspects of intelligence like creativity, applied knowledge, interpersonal and intrapersonal decision making, or anything to do with the philosophical side of intelligence..

    IQ tests test an extremely limited aspect of human "intelligence"..

    1. Anonymous10:40 PM

      The biggest mistake IQ tests make is calling them Intelligence tests in the first place. I have taken several university courses in psychological test and measures and all of them without exception state that IQ tests are designed to measure one thing and one thing only, "ACADEMIC APPITUDE". That is, how you should perform in an academic environment. Real intelligence is typically divided into several area of performance. Abstract puzzle solving is only one minor area. Being able to perform at this level on an IQ test does not make you the smartest person in America and I am truly baffled by the amount of press given to someone possessing this innate ability as if their poorly thought out opinions were in some way more legitimate than those of the rest of us.

    2. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Hah, I got to be honest. I think this guy wrote the article on wikipedia himself. Self-proclaimed smartest man in America. Smartest man in America is a slap in the face to all those who make all the discoveries and actually develop our scientific understanding. People who read this with less than sanitary skepticism end up bathing in fecal matter of unproven and untested hypothesis.

  11. I can do what Chris can do - looking for others like me, please email jasonlangan@gmail.com --- http://definecomgenius.org/explain/?p=27 (defines new abilities)

  12. Anonymous10:29 PM


    I compare the CTMU to Saint Thomas Aquinas’s brilliant Summa Theologica: a summation of what all logic and philosophy had to say about reality up to that point. Langan’s theory does exactly the same thing, but for what all modern logic and language have to say about reality up to THIS point. And in just one description. This is a completely extraordinary achievement.

    Langan’s theory is sufficiently different to give a very original view of reality. Not all the implications of this view have been worked out yet. And this is natural. When a work is intricate and new, it takes time for its implications to become apparent.

    One of the new results of this theory is the understanding that reality functions like a MIND. It is one thing to say this, but quite another to painstakingly SHOW this, as Langan has done, in a logic theory that is very rigorously worked out. The language used to describe reality seems to follow the same rational rules as the logic which permits human thought.

    Here is a list of philosopher/logicians that you have to have read in order to begin to grasp the meaning of the CTMU:

    Gottlob Frege, Rudolf Carnap, Gustav Bergmann, Victor Kraft, Rose Rand, Philipp Frank, Moritz Schlick, Ernst Mach, Rene Descartes, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, George Berkley, Bertrand Russell, Gottfried Leibniz, Ludwig Wittgenstein, A. J. Ayer, Karl Popper, Otto Neurath, W.V.O. Quine.

    Do the majority of these names sound unfamiliar to you? Have you read extensively of the work of all of these philosophers/logicians? If not, then you have a real problem.

    If you are the type of person who thinks you only need to read one or two philosophy/logic books in order to understand philosophy, you are seriously deluded. Such an outlook is a life-path to a very low-functioning grasp of reason. Genuine philosophers would see you as rationally naive. This is unavoidable.

    Ideally, I would recommend that people wishing to become knowledgeable enough to understand the CTMU should read ALL the major philosophers – from the ancient Greeks right up to the modern day. This would take decades for most people. It is quite literally a mountain of knowledge. Rational intelligence is a very difficult thing to form.

    Chris Langan has very evidently read all of these major philosopher’s major works. If you haven’t, you will literally not be intelligent enough to understand what Langan is saying. End of story.

  13. Anonymous5:57 PM

    diesect20022000 says: nothing's perfect.....to all of you FIGHTING ON THE INTERNET....

  14. I listened to Chris Langan tonight on Coast to Coast. He started off sounding like a regular guy, even stammering with his words. As the show progressed, his speech became more fluid; his words perfectly chosen & expressed. Individuals with such high IQs tend to be able to see the universe in profound ways. He seems to base a lot of his theories on quantum mechanics, which involves extremely complicated laws that seem to extend beyond the realm of physics. His ideas on the existence of God seem to coincide with Aquinas' 5 Proofs of God. Langan accepts evolution as a part of creationism.

    The best question put to him tonight was whether he was for or against the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. He is completely opposed to gun control. He was also asked about global warming. Al Gore would not have liked his answer. Then again, how could a man with a mere 212 IQ possibly compete with the man who invented the Internet?

  15. I listened to Chris Langan tonight on Coast to Coast. He started off sounding like a regular guy, even stammering with his words. As the show progressed, his speech became more fluid; his words perfectly chosen & expressed. Individuals with such high IQs tend to be able to see the universe in profound ways. He seems to base a lot of his theories on quantum mechanics, which involves extremely complicated laws that seem to extend beyond the realm of physics. His ideas on the existence of God seem to coincide with Aquinas' 5 Proofs of God. Langan accepts evolution as a part of creationism.

    The best question put to him tonight was whether he was for or against the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. He is completely opposed to gun control. He was also asked about global warming. Al Gore would not have liked his answer. Then again, how could a man with a mere 212 IQ possibly compete with the man who invented the Internet?

  16. R. Byrd9:13 PM

    I am an average common dude, albeit, well educated. Half of what I learned via academics is debatable as is all theory. Nobody except the dead know the facts of afterlife. Evolution and adaptation, in my humble opinion, are often confused. Physical evolution of humans is a theory. Show me any life form transforming into a human. I see adaptation, therefore, know we adapt according to environment. Did evolution suddenly stop? Did Apes decide to remain Apes? Did Fish decide to remain Fish? Live and let live with regard to personal belief choice. A genius is a happy, content, and considerate person who respects others and is kind.