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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shahid Afridi in India vs Pakistan Twenty20 World Cup Final

You already know that two India will face Pakistan in the final of Twenty20 world cup. India and Pakistan have traditional rivalry and whenever they face each other, the match does not remain just a cricket match. It becomes more than that. Both Indian and Pakistani players are at their peak of performance as they already showed their skill and talent to the cricket world in this tournament.

Shahid Afridi can lead Pakistan to win the title of the Twenty20 world cup in tomorrow’s final. Shahid Afridi is bowling tremendously well in this tournament though he could not yet impress with his hard hitting batting. He has already got the fame for bringing out break through with his leg spin. Shahid Afridi is now the highest wicket taker in this tournament jointly with Stuart Clark. Afridi took 12 wickets so far. His impress bowling has helped Pakistan to break important partnerships. His average is 13 in this tournament.

Shahid Afridi is now ahead of some other performers to win the player of the tournament trophy. So, if he can come up with another impressive performance against India then he will have better chance to win the player of the tournament award. Now, ahead of the India vs Pakistan final match, Pakistan expects a devastating innings and another match winning spell against India. Now, let us see if he can live up to the expectation and serves with a superb all round performance.


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