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Saturday, September 22, 2007

India vs Pakistan Final: TVR of ESPN and Star Cricket

To get live score of India vs Pakistan match visit this link:

India vs Pakistan T20 Final: Live Score and Updates


This is the dream final and no one could think that India vs Pakistan final would happen in Twenty20. But it is happening and the match will take place on this Monday in South Africa. The match will be broadcast live in ESPN and Star Cricket TV Channels for Indian viewers. Of course, in other countries, you can watch in different TV channels. For example, in Bangladesh, you can this match live in Bangladesh Television (BTV).

The viewers have already seen an India vs Pakistan match in the group stage of twenty20 World Cup and in that match India had a dramatic victory in bowl out (tie breaker). That match increased TVR of ESPN and Star Cricket in India.

Indian Television wrote:

As India rolled into the semi-finals of the tournament, it seems that the country has been hooked on to the TV sets. The ratings do all the talking especially for the India's second match in the tournament, where it played Pakistan. It touched a peak of 15.2 TVR and an average of 12 TVR.

During the match, which ended in a nailbiting finish, the combined channel shares for ESPN and Star Cricket stood at 47.2 per cent. (Source: TAM, TG: CS, Males, 15+, SEC ABC All India)

ESPN contributed 26.7 per cent while Star Cricket contributed 20.5 per cent. They were followed by Zee TV (9 per cent) and Star Plus (5.8 per cent).

Very good news for ESPN and Star Cricket. Earleir this year, ICC World Cup took place in West Indies. That time, Sony had the TV rights and because India performed bad, Sony did not get good TV ratings.

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  1. It does not matter who wins, The Cup is Ours!!!