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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Who will become champion of English Premier League in 2013-14?

Craig Hope has published an article in Daily Mail about who will win the premier league title this season. The clubs have played 21 matches each and 17 matches are left for each of them. His prediction is: Manchester City will win the title with 87 points while Chelsea will secure the 2nd spot with 85 points. Then, it will be Liverpool with 82 points and Arsenal 81 points. After that the next three places will go to Tottenham, Manchester United and Everton.
In fact, Craig Hope is so confident about his prediction that he has even predicted each of the remaining matches featuring these 7 clubs. I did not know that he is an astrologer or he has got an accurate computer software to predict the results of future matches.

I find it nonsense because many things can happen. First of all, no one can predict injuries to players. For example, Manchester United is clearly struggling without Rooney and RVP. If just Luis Suarez gets injured for two months then it can huge impact on Liverpool just the way Arsene Wenger is worried about finding a replacement for the injured Theo Walcott. 

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