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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Arsenal and the Experts

Arsene Wenger is angry and annoyed with the Match of the Day experts of BBC because these experts have wrote Arsenal off from winning the title of EPL this season despite the fact that Arsenal are leading the point table by 4 clear points.
The experts are entitled to have their own opinion. Wenger is annoyed because this time, his team is doing everything right. Not only Arsenal is leading the point table in England, they are also leading the point table at Europe too. Just a draw against Napoli in the final match is more than enough to advance to knockout stage as the group leader. So, Wenger may feel that there is something special for him this season.
The good thing for him is that his opponents are lacking the consistency that his players have managed to do so far. Chelsea is lucky to move to the knockout stage of Champions League despite losing two matches. Manchester City’s away form in league is a cause of concern. Manchester United is clearly struggling at EPL and United is trailing by the leader Arsenal by 9 points.

Who do you think will have the last laugh? Arsense Wenger or the experts? 

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