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Saturday, October 05, 2013

How to find Your Own Personal Style in Life?

Most people who know me know very well that I do not have any personal style. I don’t have any sense of fashion and style and my dress up is terrible. I am not organized and there is nothing positive about me in this regard. Well, I accept it and perhaps, many of you would think that I am a miserable person. May be I am to some extent but I am not that much worried for that. Why, simply because I have found my own personal style in life. I don’t care if most people on earth do not admire it but I am more or less content and happy.
Define Style: I am happy because I have realized one important truth in life- there is no fixed definition of style. Of course, many people think that style means beautiful dress up, witty conversational skill, good taste of food and drink and so on. I am sure that you can understand what I am referring to. Just read these articles:
Unfortunately or fortunately, I differ with their definition of style. I do not love the idea of equating fashion with style. In real life, if we look around us, we simply cannot find that most people act like fashion models.
Smart Personality or smart dress up: The fashion industry spends millions if not billions of dollars every day to promote their products. However, they also try to brainwash us that smart dress up equates to smart personality. That should not be the case. There is no reason that you should feel inferior if you cannot afford to buy that fashionable dress. You are perfectly normal if you like to wear simple dress.
Be clean and Tidy: What is perhaps most important is to be clean and tidy. I have to admit that I am not that much tidy but I have some personal reasons behind it. It is not that I don’t want to be tidy but I simply cannot give the time for it. Most people can and most of you should wear clean clothes and become tidy. However, I feel that your sense of style should not be limited to only this. You should develop a smart personality. Smart personality is not simply the ability to have witty conversation or being funny and attractive in society. It should be more than that.
Read, Think and Write: Once upon a time, someone told me that he had a habit of reading 15 minutes every day. At that time, I felt that the man was boasting for nothing as I always read many hours a day. Anyway, now, I can see that many people do not have that habit of allocating 15 minutes from their daily life to reading. So, please read something every day, think about what you are reading. If possible write something every day- even it is just 100 words. If you do it for one year then you will notice that you have really developed your own sense of style and your own voice.
Focus on your interest: If you want to develop your own sense of style then learn to focus on your interest. May be you like to read books, you like to watch movies, do gardening whatever. By taking your interest seriously, you will feel happier and satisfied. You will forget the pain of not being able to buy that expensive dress or expensive haircut. Instead, you will become someone in your field of interest someday.
Find your strong sides: I love to read and write and when it comes to writing, I do not claim that I am a very good writer but I have noticed that compared to most people around me, I can write faster. I hardly struggle when I write. I have realized that writing is my strong side. I feel happy when I write, I feel happy when my writing gets published or praised. So, you try to find your strong sides and work on them. You will become sharp and it will help you a lot in front of others.
Never mind if you are not cool: When you are a teenager then it is understandable that you want to be cool. If you are not cool then it may even mean to be the end of the world. However, when you reach to the age of 30 or 35 then you will notice that nothing means the end of the world.
Just need to find one girl or one boy: A girl like you- have you heard the song of Cliff Richards or I want to Hold Your hand of the Beatles. Actually, in life, you just need to find just one girl or one boy. That is enough. So, don’t feel frustrated if you are not cool to most people. If you are honest and hard working then there is a good possibility that you will be happy in your marriage life.
Revenge of the Nerds: You don’t need to be a nerd to enjoy this film. This movie was not a blockbuster hit but created a sense of pride and satisfaction among many uncool people around the world. 

Final Words: Well, I guess that this blog post would not attract much to most readers. However, if you are lost in life and searching for a personal style then just remember that you don’t have to listen to me or anyone else. What you need to do is to believe in yourself. 

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